Two friends talk on the grassOne key element to our approach here at Renaissance Ranch is our belief that you never truly stop striving for recovery. Sobriety isn’t just a one-time goal. It is a lifestyle, and one that we are entirely devoted to in everything that we do. While this may be of great importance to other recovery centers, what makes us unique at Renaissance Ranch is that we have a thriving alumni network of people who are living proof of our approach and ideology in action.


Group therapy sessions


One key element of our alumni program is the benefit of group therapy sessions that happen every week. Members of our tight alumni network will come to the Ranch to talk with current residents at the house about their stories. This helps people who are struggling in recovery find people who they can relate to; who have been through what they are going through. This also lays the foundation for future members of our alumni network, as it sustains a cycle of past patients helping present patients.


Alumni events

  Outside of group therapy sessions, there are loads of ways that we keep in touch with our alumni network, in order to keep up with the fulfilling lives they are living. We frequently sponsor alumni events, such as a friendly game of golf, or a serene hike through the mountains. These activities further serve to build brotherhood amongst alumni. We also host an annual conference for our alumni, which is filled with seminars and amazing stories of recovery.


Renaissance Ranch is a family for life


At Renaissance Ranch, we believe that you are a part of our family from the moment you walk in the door, and continue to be so long after you walk out. We are committed to building a brotherhood that is united in sobriety. Our alumni network is what allows us to accomplish this. We strive to keep an active social media presence to promote this. This also allows a forum that can offer help and guidance to those who struggle with substance abuse, whether it is looking for advice, or just someone to talk to.


For more information, check out our awesome alumni network facebook page!