Renaissance Ranch offers a unique, clinically driven approach to Utah drug rehabilitation. Part of that process includes a gender-specific therapeutic environment. It has been our experience that a male-only facility provides the appropriate setting for men to deal directly with their substance abuse issues. We offer a true, clinically driven, continuum of care based on LDS drug treatment principles while customizing it for each individual that is based solely on their progress and appropriate to their needs.

Make the Call

The first step is to contact us. Call us right now at 1-855-736-7262 for a pre-assessment review. You can share with us what your situation is and then we can work with you or your loved one to schedule an assessment.


The next step is to schedule an assessment. The assessment is a very key part of the process because we determine the level of addiction of you or your loved one and then determine the corresponding level of treatment. Our staff is highly trained and very experienced at assessing American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) levels of addiction. Part of the assessment process includes determining if medical detoxification is necessary.


At Renaissance Ranch, we require detoxification prior to admission for people who have been using excessive amounts of alcohol, opiates and/or benzodiazepines.   If detoxification is required, we can make the appropriate referral to one of our partner detoxification centers. Detoxification can take anywhere from 2-5 days depending on the person, the amount of substance they have been taking and the length of time they have been using.   Once we have determined that you or your loved one has met the requirements for residential treatment and have been cleared by a medical professional, the next step is our residential treatment program. For more information about detoxification, click here.

Residential Treatment

Length of Stay: 60 Days

At our residential program for men, you or your loved one will experience group, individual, experiential and service work therapy. These methods of therapy are delivered within a therapeutic living environment for alcohol and drug treatment. You or your loved one will reside in a beautiful spacious home and are expected to assist in daily living tasks. It is full service and includes housing, meals and other life necessities.   Our program revolves around the 12 Steps and the Therapeutic Community Model. It relies upon peers appropriately assisting each other in the recovery process. The Therapeutic Community is based upon three major principles:
During the final three weeks of the residential program, you or your loved one will be provided with intensive case management that assists you in finding jobs, housing, transportation and federal assistance where appropriate.

Continuing Care & Recovery Coaching

Length: 120 Days

Continuing Care involves advanced group therapy that addresses long-term sobriety maintenance and related issues. This is a key part of the program that helps you or your loved one step down from the intensity of Residential Treatment but still provides therapy, structure, rules and expectations. This program is included with residential services.   There are three key elements to Continuing Care:  

You will be randomly drug tested


Maintain your own residence (preferably a licensed sober living facility that we can refer you to)


You will attend evening sessions that include advanced group therapy as well as the Alumni meeting.

Lifetime Contract

A lifetime contract is in effect for all eligible Alumni who have successfully completed the 6 month program. If one of our Alumni has a problem down the road, this contract allows them to come back and participate one time in appropriate services at no additional charge.  

Alumni Events

Our Credo

“The Brotherhood”

As it says in the book of Alcoholics Anonymous, “you have to change your play places, play friends and play grounds”. Renaissance Ranch invites and encourages all Alumni to maintain involvement in our Alumni program. A Wednesday evening 12 step Alumni meeting is held in “The Loft” on the Salt Lake campus. It begins at 7pm. The Alumni group is also involved in hikes, softball, golf tournaments etc. Continued interaction with our very strong Alumni group provides a significant support structure as you or your loved one begins to move forward into recovery.

Program Pricing

The cost of our 60 day Residential treatment includes: Continuing Care treatment, Family Group Therapy, Family Retreats, Recovery Coaching and lifetime Alumni Services.