Relapse Prevention and RecoveryRecovering from addiction allows us to rebuild our lives and renew ourselves in a way that never could have imagined, before. It doesn’t mean that you are safe from the throes of addiction, however. For many substances, the threat of relapse is a very real possibility, and one that can have profound impacts on your recovery. For this reason, one major service that we provide at Renaissance Ranch is relapse prevention therapy, both in inpatient and outpatient programs.

Spotting at-risk behavior

The roots of relapse prevention are psychologically driven. The basic premise behind relapse prevention therapy is based on being able to recognize thinking-patterns and behavioral-patterns that could put an individual at risk for relapse. An independent review by K.M. Carroll in 1996 has shown that relapse prevention is as effective as other forms of therapy in preventing substance abuse relapse. Particularly, however, relapse prevention therapy is incredibly useful when dealing with alcohol addiction, as a means to prevent relapse. This is largely due to the more clear cut situations where alcohol abuse is prevalent, which relapse prevention is highly effective at pinpointing.

Relapse isn’t failure

One important thing to note is that a relapse is not the equivalent of failure, when it comes to addiction recovery. Many people who once struggled with addiction are living vibrant lives in recovery, and have been for years, yet experienced a relapse along the way to get there. The things that cause us to fall also have the power to make us stronger. In fact, negative situational aspects in your life that don’t cause you to relapse even have a name. In the addiction recovery world, we call this a prolapse.

Major causes of relapse

  • Risky social situations
  • Severe stress
  • Physical proximity to addiction
  • Celebratory events
  • Depression
  • Other behavioral addictions (such as sex)