The Men’s Program at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient in Orem was designed as a gender-specific treatment program for men. When you’re seeking treatment for addiction, you want a safe environment where you feel comfortable being vulnerable. We feel that this gender-specific environment will help you open up and discuss the difficult emotions you’re dealing with.

We’re Here to Help

There is a societal stigma surrounding addiction, making it hard for individuals to realize that addiction is really a disease that requires an actual cure, and criticism just hinders healing. Addiction takes over the middle part of the brain, causing a loss of control of your decisions. Someone who is battling substance abuse or alcoholism needs help to overcome this disease. Our Utah-based outpatient treatment program is designed to help diseased men overcome addiction. You or your loved one will have the help and healing necessary, with the help of our male staff who have been afflicted, and recovered, and want to help you find the same road to recovery that they did.

We Want to Empower You

Many individuals who are suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction find it incredibly hard to stop the use of these substances without assistance. Addiction makes you feel powerless, and that can be a difficult thing to admit. Someone who is suffering from addiction has completely surrendered to it to satisfy their mental cravings, whether they want to or not. Our gender-specific recovery program will help you or your loved one face the issues that men specifically face during the rehabilitation process. We want to empower you or your loved one as we help you reclaim control of your mind, body, and spirit.

We’ll Guide You to Lifelong Sobriety

Once you or your loved one has finished our treatment program, the road to recovery isn’t finished. After our outpatient program, men in recovery will join our men’s alumni group, surrounding you with empowered men who have overcome the same trials you are, to provide you with the support you need to maintain sobriety for the rest of your life.

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