As in all areas of life, men and women face different issues during rehabilitation. We’ve realized that gender-specific treatments for alcohol and substance abuse is important in recovery among addicted individuals. This is why we offer a dedicated outpatient treatment program for women, separate than our men’s treatment.

Women Empowering Women Through Recovery

Addiction is a disease that takes over the middle part of the brain, causing an individual to lose their power over their mind, body, and soul. In our outpatient program, we’ve successfully created an atmosphere where women feel comfortable discussing their feelings about addiction. Being open and honest is the first step in your journey to overcome addiction. Our all-female staff and counselors are here to commit to help you or your female loved one experience a full rehabilitation.

Our team of female staff and coaches are women that have gone through similar situations and addictions that you have. This gives them the understanding and compassion necessary to help you during your rehabilitation. You can be confident that you or your loved one will be surrounded with supportive individuals who are able to provide the motivation necessary to gain lifelong sobriety.

Gender Based Therapies

Although addiction is fundamentally the same for both males and females, we approach recovery differently for each gender. For women in recovery, they may face issues such as shame, anxiety, depression, trauma, and body image issues. These issues don’t plague any men during the recovery process, which is why we have a specific program set up for women, to tackle these issues without causing feelings of insecurity. Our licensed staff will lead you through individual and group therapies to help overcome these hurdles on the way to recovery.

Long-Term Sobriety

After finishing our outpatient treatment program, you or your loved one will join our women’s alumni group, because continued care is vital for achieving lifelong sobriety. This group of empowered women who have overcome addiction will provide you with a supportive community to help you throughout the rest of your recovery.

Call us today to tell us about your situation, so we can help and start your recovery today.