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10 Jan How to Develop Good Coping Mechanisms in Recovery

Addiction recovery is an incredibly trying time for every person who goes through it. Relapses are common for people throughout recovery, due to the changes in brain chemistry that are caused by substance abuse. The key to having a successful recovery is to learn coping mechanisms that work for you and help you repel the negative feelings that can spark cravings. Here are some tips on how to develop good coping mechanisms in recovery...

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10 Dec Are the Kids Alright: Minors and Addiction

Throughout nearly every walk of American life, addiction has had an affect on countless families and individuals, regardless of class, race, gender, or any other demographic divide. However, one particular demographic that deserves to get looked at, more often, is that of young people who struggle with addiction. The rate of drug abuse amongst members of the youngest generation is directly going to impact the future of addiction, and whether we can bring down rates that have been drastically rising for the past two decades.

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02 Nov Messages of Inspiration from General Conference (Part 2)

This post is a continuation from our last one about the recent LDS General Conference. As church members around the world tuned in to hear messages of hope and inspiration last month, we were happy to also hear encouraging spiritual guidance and comfort for those of us struggling with addiction at any phase. Below are two messages which we found to be especially helpful and important in view of addiction recovery, overcoming trials, and making powerful life changes. Full transcripts of all the talks can be found on lds.org.

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20 Oct Messages of Inspiration from General Conference (Part 1)

Every 6 months, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints holds its semiannual General Conference. During this weekend, everyone is invited to hear words of comfort, courage, and inspiration from leaders.

We’ve learned that when we come to conference with questions and concerns in our hearts, they’re answered through the inspiration of the Holy spirit. Last month, we enjoyed many messages that have special application to recovery and healing from addiction. Just a few of these lessons include: self-worth, forgiveness, the atonement of Christ, repentance, strength through adversity, and trust in God’s plan.

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10 Oct The Opioid Epidemic Is Now a National Emergency

President Trump recently made some waves when he announced that the opioid epidemic and the public health issue of addiction amounted to national emergencies that needed to be considered so on a public scale. This generated a lot of excitement in the world of addiction recovery, as it would mean that resources could be allocated in ways that could actually change the course of addiction rates and allow addiction prevention programs to be set up on a large scale. Here is some information about the opioid national emergency and what it truly means for the future of fighting addiction...

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01 Jul Common Animals Used for Therapy

The bond between people and animals runs incredibly deep. Being around animals helps improve a person’s empathy, and can have strong therapeutic benefits. Whether you are training these animals, or just being around them, interacting and sharing in a connection with therapy animals can have an amazingly positive impact on your mental health. However, each type of therapy animal certainly isn’t the same. Here are some of the common animals used for therapy and why...

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15 Jun Signs of Sex Addiction in Your Life Part 2

This article is continued from part 1.

Around 12 million adults in the United States are classified as sex addicts. The truth is that sex addiction is far more prevalent than a lot of people realize, and is potentially as widespread as alcoholism. Despite the numbers of known sex addicts, there are even more who go under the radar. While one of these signs doesn’t necessarily mean you struggle with sex addiction, multiple of them might. Here are some signs that could mean you also struggle with sex addiction...

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