Women’s Sober Living Home

We don’t have to tell you that drugs and alcohol are cruel taskmasters. If you’re ready to break free from their hold on you, Renaissance Refuge is here to help you every step of the way. We’re a leading women’s detox center, residential treatment center, and sober living home. No matter where you’re at in your recovery journey, we’re fully equipped to help you get sober and stay sober.

Women's Sober Living Home

Renaissance Refuge’s Steps to Sobriety

  1. Detox. The first step is our women’s drug and alcohol detox program, where we provide medically-supervised detox. If you’ve ever tried to detox on your own, you know how excruciating, discouraging, and ineffective it can be. There is no reason to suffer with withdrawal symptoms that can be avoided or mitigated with medical supervision. Our staff can help you detox as safely and comfortably as possible.
  2. Residential treatment. The next step is our 60-day women’s residential treatment program at our beautiful red brick, white-pillared home in Heyburn, Idaho. Nature brings healing, and our home is set in the midst of nature’s best, with breathtaking mountain views and the grandeur of the nearby Snake River. You’ll live and learn with other women who are on a journey very similar to yours. You will develop the physical, spiritual, and emotional habits that will help you cope with life in a healthy, new way.
  3. Outpatient treatment/sober living. After completing our residential treatment program, you will begin our eight-month outpatient program. You will continue developing the skills and habits you developed in residential treatment, though the treatment will not be as structured. During this time, you will have the option to stay in our women’s sober living home. While not everyone chooses to live in this home, most find it to be an incredibly helpful transition from the full immersion of residential treatment back into real life.

Why Choose a Women’s Sober Living Home?

People have described residential treatment as a protective “bubble.” You’re lifted out of the environment that was contributing to your drug and alcohol abuse. The rules are clear. The schedule is laid out for you. The day-to-day necessities are taken care of. This allows you to focus on your top priority: recovery.

Our outpatient program allows you to keep one leg in treatment while the rest of you is re-entering the real world. Unfortunately, this re-entry can be rocky. You have more choices and fewer guard rails. You may be exposed to some of the same triggers that fueled your drug addiction in the first place. If you are rooted, you can stay strong and maintain all of the progress you have worked so hard to achieve; a sober living home is one of the best ways to stay rooted.

In our sober living home for women in Burley, Idaho, you can ease back into earning a living or attending school, but you’ll be surrounded by an amazing support system. Back at home, you may find yourself surrounded by people who are actively using drugs. But in our safe and sober living home, you’ll live alongside women who are committed to staying sober, just like you are. They’ll hold you accountable when you backslide. They’ll understand you, cheer you on, and give you the encouragement you need to keep going—even on the toughest days.

The last thing you want in this sometimes-fragile time following residential treatment is to get overwhelmed by life and regress. Our sober living home helps ensure that this won’t happen. It’s the perfect in-between with less rigidity than residential treatment but enough structure to help you re-enter regular life with a sharp new focus. You can continue your outpatient treatment with ease and stay in the safe space of our Burley, Idaho, women’s safe and sober living home until you’re on solid ground.

  • Exercise Independence. A lot will be done for you in residential treatment so that you can devote yourself to recovery, but a sober living home allows you more control and independence. You can make and eat meals of your choosing, set your schedule, and work and socialize outside of the home. This independence will feel good, but it won’t be too much too soon. It will allow you to master independent living little by little until you are ready to go full throttle.
  • Embrace the Sisterhood. Our sober home for women in Idaho places you in a sisterhood of women. There’s a special power in sisterhood–one we too often miss out on in our fragmented lives. Rather than coming together to share work, recreation, burdens, joys, and wisdom, we tend to live in our own worlds. We are busy and sometimes even run-ragged with no time to gather or even say hi to the friend next door. We are immersed in our phones, which steal time from meaningful connections. Addiction isolates us even further. We back into the shadows and withdraw in shame. At our Idaho women’s sober living home, we revive the strength and synergy of sisterhood. Addiction recovery is a hard journey, best walked in the company of caring companions who are willing to hold you accountable for your actions. You’ll find those companions in our Burley, Idaho sober home for women. You’ll be branching out, possibly re-entering the workforce, but you’ll come home to the steadiness of women who have your back. You’ll be learning, developing your spirituality, working through old traumas, and mending relationships, and it will all feel considerably less lonely with fellow women to cheer you on.
  • Get Ongoing Guidance. Life is full of ups and downs. In the past, you likely abused drugs or alcohol to cope with the downs. At our women’s sober home, you’ll have help and support when the downs hit. You can count on our experienced staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves. They can counsel you from a place of “been there, done that.” If you don’t get the job you were hoping for, feel overwhelmed by cravings, or hit a rough patch in a relationship with a family member, they can help you navigate these challenges in a healthy way. That will mean drawing on inner strength and constructive strategies, not falling back on the false comfort of substance abuse. They will be there for you, but they will not enable you. They will hold you accountable for your actions with both compassion and firmness.
  • Stay Focused on Faith. Our women’s sober living home is rooted in faith, which we believe is the key to addiction recovery. Our 12-step program encourages anyone in the throes of addiction to surrender to a higher power, but the journey doesn’t end there. Building a relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus requires spending time with them through daily habits like saying prayers and reading scriptures. Not every environment is conducive to building faith, but faith lies at the heart of our sober living home. Spirituality is encouraged and fostered in our faith-focused environment.
  • Continue Mental Health Services. Mental health and women’s addiction are heavily intertwined. To ignore mental and emotional well-being is to undermine addiction recovery. In residential treatment, you will work hard to resolve anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other conditions. It would be a tragedy to lose ground. Our sober living home makes it easier to stay consistent with outpatient treatment here in Burley and continue the mental health therapies that are supporting your recovery journey.
  • Reduce the Risk of Relapse. As you leave the “cocoon” of residential treatment, relapse risks can soar. You’re back to your old friends and old hang-out spots with potentially easy access to the same old drugs. Our women’s sober home keeps you away from those triggers. It gives your life structure, purpose, responsibility, accountability, and stability. It provides the best environment for you to adopt habits that point you away from substance abuse and toward a brighter future.

What Happens After I Leave the Sober Living Home for Women in Idaho?

When the time is right for you to leave our Idaho home, you can move on to full independence—but you do not have to break ties with Renaissance Refuge. Through our aftercare program, you are entitled to free care for life. If you should ever relapse, you may return to the Refuge for free help as you get back on the road to sobriety.

You are also part of our alumni program. Our parent company, Renaissance Ranch, started the Band of Brothers alumni program for their men’s addiction recovery program, and it has grown to become one of the biggest addiction recovery support groups of its kind in the country. We are proud to offer this same service for the women of Renaissance Refuge.

Addiction thrives in isolation, so we spare no effort to keep women connected in recovery. Our alumni program offers weekly meetings, quarterly retreats, and annual events. You’ll create deep, meaningful relationships with other women in recovery and hold each other accountable in your goal to achieve lasting sobriety. And just as you’ve received, you’ll have the opportunity to give as you welcome and mentor new sisters who are walking the same road that you once walked.

At Renaissance Ranch (our men’s addiction recovery center) and Renaissance Refuge, we have been changing lives for years through our gender-specific, faith-based recovery programs. With the help of the 12-step program, proven therapies to resolve the mental health issues underlying addiction, and a staff that is both qualified and deeply invested in your recovery, we have helped countless people achieve lasting sobriety. We look forward to doing the same for you.

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