Women’s Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Idaho

If you believe you or someone you know needs our women’s residential addiction treatment center, contact us today. We will help you determine if residential treatment is the best program for you.

As you begin your residential treatment journey, you will be welcomed with open arms to Renaissance Refuge in beautiful Heyburn, Idaho. If your life has felt chaotic and out of control, Heyburn will feel just the opposite — a haven of peace set against the rugged beauty of the Albion Mountains.

Women’s Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Idaho

What We Offer

Our 60-day women’s residential treatment program is based on medically-proven and science-backed remediation methods. It is a faith-based program, focusing you on a higher power. It is also especially for women. In the company of other women, you will learn, change, and grow into who you want to become. These women have embarked on the same brave journey that you are on and will be there to support you through setbacks and successes.

When you complete residential treatment and advance to our outpatient program, you will return to many of the responsibilities of real life as you work to become fully independent. However, our women’s residential treatment program comes first, giving you the opportunity to focus deeply and intensively on what your body and soul need to overcome addiction long term.

You will live in our beautiful red brick home in Heyburn where many of the burdens of regular life will be lifted. Your basic needs will be provided for as you focus on healing. You will have time to build yourself up spiritually and get the mental health care you need. You can get strong physically in our gym facilities. You can also let loose and enjoy recreational activities like hiking, miniature golf, swimming, laser tag, and more.

We recognize that addiction recovery is not a quick fix, and our program is focused on long-term results. It starts with a medically-assisted detox program. If you have tried to detox on your own in the past, you may have discovered that self-regulated detox can be discouraging, excruciating, and highly ineffective.

At the Refuge, you will be surrounded by capable and compassionate staff. They will minimize your discomfort through the appropriate detox regimen and medications. They will ensure that you don’t have to endure any unnecessary suffering, and they will be there to cheer you on so you do not feel isolated or alone in the detox process.

Once you are physically stable and ready for treatment, we take a balanced approach to helping you fortify yourself spiritually and emotionally. We are heavily invested in addressing the mental health conditions that often underlie addiction. We do not put a bandage on these challenges; we tackle them head-on so that you emerge from the Refuge feeling healthy, whole, and resilient enough to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Should you relapse at any time, you will be entitled to free care. We will evaluate where you’re at and recommend the best level of care. The goal is long-term sobriety, and we plan to be with you every step of the way.

Women’s Residential Addiction Treatment Program: A Sisterhood

There is strength in sisterhood. We were meant to work together, mourn together, learn together, and cheer each other on. Yet, too often, addiction isolates us. We wrap ourselves in a cocoon of shame and are left to carry all our burdens alone.

But you are not alone. At the Refuge, you will step out of isolation and into a community. You will discover women who are shouldering burdens as heavy as millstones – just like you. They will understand where you have been, how you got there, and where you dream of going.

You will find solace and understanding in a non-judgmental atmosphere. You will develop healthy bonds that will get you through the hard times. Your sisters will love you while holding you accountable to a high standard.

If your heart has been running on empty, the sisterhood at the Refuge will help fill it with relationships that will buoy you up—not just for the duration of your women’s residential addiction treatment program but far beyond. When you complete our residential and outpatient programs, you can become part of our Sober Sisters alumni group. You will have a lifelong network of sisters who care about you, as well as the opportunity to nurture others as you welcome and mentor newcomers to the group.

Gender-specific Treatment

One of the biggest challenges with co-ed recovery programs is that the addiction experience for women is often profoundly different than it is for men. They become addicted for different reasons. They respond differently to different types of treatments, and they have different motivations for becoming sober. This is why it is generally recommended that individuals attend treatment programs that acknowledge and accommodate these differences.

Our women’s residential substance abuse treatment program in Heyburn, Idaho, is specifically geared to the unique needs of women. We recognize that many women use drugs in order to start or maintain a relationship with a partner. We also recognize that many women are driven to substance abuse by traumatic events in their lives. The Refuge is specifically designed to help women start fresh. They can separate themselves from toxic relationships that may have sabotaged previous recovery attempts. The Refuge can also separate women from the trauma in their environment—or the cues of past trauma.

The Refuge is also sensitive to the mental health issues facing many women with substance abuse disorders (SUDs), including low self-esteem, guilt, shame, and perfectionism. Through group and individual therapy sessions, our sisters can break free from the unhealthy thought patterns that feed their addiction.

Staff Members Who Were Once Where You Were

You will not be surrounded by aloof staff members in white coats treating you like a test subject. You will be surrounded by people who know all too well what it’s like to be in your shoes because they have been there themselves. The majority of our staff members are in recovery, which makes them uniquely qualified to understand you and to support you on your recovery journey.

A Focus on Faith

Our women’s residential addiction treatment program here in Heyburn, Idaho, is based on the 12-step program, the most successful and widely used addiction recovery program out there. This program is rooted in the idea that you can’t conquer addiction alone and that true recovery starts when you confess your dependence on a higher power.

We recognize that we are all capable of change, no matter how stuck we feel, and that all change is possible through the atonement of Jesus Christ. We learn to come unto Him, cast our heavy burdens at His feet, and allow Him to make us into new creatures.

If you haven’t felt Jesus in your life in a while, we assure you that He is waiting for you to invite Him in through faith-centered habits. These include prayer, meditation, scripture study, and church attendance. They are all part of life at the Refuge, because we have seen the tremendous power these habits have.

They can help you develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that may be missing in your life. When that relationship is intact, you are not tackling addiction recovery alone. You are tackling it with the help of an all-powerful Savior. There is simply no better ally.

Mental Health Services to Heal the Soul

Addiction is complex, and it’s about so much more than drugs or alcohol. It usually develops in a complex web of trauma and mental health issues. You cannot ignore your past experiences or your emotional well-being and expect to make a lasting change. What drove you to addiction in the first place? What hurts your relationships with loved ones? What causes you to self-sabotage? What keeps you from being your best, happiest self? We help you find the pain points below the surface and heal them. The only way out is through.

In our Idaho women’s residential treatment program, we support you through individual therapy, group counseling, and a variety of therapeutic modalities. Our therapists are trained to help you with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other mental health conditions that are making it difficult for you to recover.

A Focus on Family Unification

We recognize the courage that it takes to enter our women’s residential addiction treatment program here in Heyburn, Idaho. Sometimes, it means stepping away from the family that you love, including your children, to overcome your addictions. In other situations, your children may have been taken away, and you are doing all that you can to get sober so that you can be reunited with them.

Whatever your situation, we are sensitive to the fact that your heart may be aching for your children. We understand the urgency of your desire to be reunited with them and to become the kind of mother they need.

We also understand that some of your family relationships may be strained, which can hinder your progress. The research makes clear that the family is at the center of long-term sobriety. We offer free group classes that help heal fractured family relationships. These are available virtually five days per week. We don’t just treat the individual, we treat the entire family because we know it’s the key to recovery.

Your Safety: Our Top Priority

While we prioritize relationships, we also recognize that some of the relationships in your life may be unhealthy and even unsafe. That is why we are extremely vigilant about the safety of all of our residents. You will be secure at the Refuge thanks to our careful protocols that shield you from those who may want to harm you. Visitors will be carefully screened, and those wishing to engage with you must attend our family group sessions with the permission of our therapists.

Since 2007, our parent company, Renaissance Ranch has changed countless lives in the state of Utah. We are recognized as one of the state’s most effective residential treatment programs and even won Utah’s “Best of State” award for our addiction recovery services. Through Renaissance Refuge, we are bringing our years of experience and our proven track record to the beautiful state of Idaho. If you are ready to reclaim your life, call today about our residential substance abuse treatment center for women.

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If you or a loved one suffers from the horrors of substance abuse, then don’t wait for the problem to get worse before you try to make it better. It is crucial for individuals dealing with addiction to seek help as soon as possible, so that they can find themselves on a path towards lasting recovery. Give our caring team a call today to learn more