Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers Alumni Program

At Renaissance Ranch, support for our patients doesn’t end when they complete their stay at our program. Sobriety is a lifelong journey, not just a simple destination that can be reached after inpatient rehab. The Band of Brothers is our alumni network. This helps establish a foundation and culture of sobriety that permeates every facet of the alumni’s life. 

The Brotherhood at Renaissance Ranch is a tight knit group, where we all hold one another accountable to what it takes to stay sober. It’s so important for guys like us, who are sober, to feel like we are a part of something and Renaissance Ranch does more than any other program we know of, in keeping our Alumni connected. Men, who have gone through our program are constantly connecting with the newer members of the program and showing them that there is hope in recovery. It is prominently said that in order for clients to stay sober long term, we have to give away what was so freely given to us and see where we can be of service to another alcoholic. The Ranch understands this concept deeply and hosts weekly meetings, along with quarterly retreats and a wide range of annual events to get newer members of the program integrated with the Alumni community. We have reciprocal relationships where the Alumni inspire hope in the newer members of the program, and the newer members give our Alumni an opportunity to be of service. On top of everything we do as far as events & meetings, we also have built an App that continues to provide long term care and recovery resources for our alumni even after completing treatment. We understand recovery is a one day at a time deal. Connection is everything, so we spare no time or expense to keep guys connected, day in and day out with other men who know what it’s like to struggle with alcoholism and addiction.



Band of Brothers of Renaissance Ranch
Band of brothers
Band of brothers

Alumni Meetings

The next step is to schedule an assessment. The assessment is a very key part of the process because we determine the level of addiction of you or your loved one and then determine the corresponding level of treatment. Our staff is highly trained and very experienced at assessing and diagnosing addiction according to the standards set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Part of the assessment process includes determining if medical detoxification is necessary.

Extracurricular Outings

In addition to weekly meetups, the Band of Brothers also organizes a variety of extracurricular activities that help promote the growth and foundation of the men we treat. These extracurricular activities could include camping trips, marathons, sporting events, study groups, and so much more!

Continued Support of Brotherhood

Understanding the need for healthy social relationships is critical to recovery. Indeed, sometimes, previous social relationships have fostered a dangerous environment that led to substance abuse. The Band of Brothers provides a built-in support network that provides emotional, social, and sometimes even professional support for its members.

Alumni Golf Tournament

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If you have any questions about the Band of Brothers or the program at Renaissance Ranch, please don’t hesitate to give our caring and professional team a call, today!