One Of The Leading Symptoms Of Addiction Is Denial

Renaissance Ranch Offers Free Intervention Services

Reasons an intervention may be needed?

  • ~Addicted person doesn’t think they are addicted
  • ~Addicted person believes they are still in control
  • ~It gives an opportunity for family to share feelings
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What is the purpose of an intervention?

Interventions can be necessary when a family member struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction is not willing to admit the dependence has become an issue. An intervention gives family members and friends an opportunity talk with the struggling member in a controlled and safe environment. This situation can be a great place to bring up possible substance abuse addiction treatment options. Be sure to research treatment facilities before the meeting.

Intervention Mediation

Having a mediator in the intervention can help keep things moving in a positive direction. At Renaissance Ranch, we provide free interventions to clients and their families. Out interventionists are licensed and have years of experience in the substance abuse treatment field. The counselor will help to keep the conversation heading in a productive and healing direction. We provide appropriate and respectful guidance and direction for both the client and their loved ones.

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