Meth Addiction


Spilled container of crystal methMeth has never had the rampant glamorization in the media that other drugs, such as cocaine, have gotten. Most media treatments of meth use it as a treatise on corruption and destructiveness. Despite this fact, meth abuse is incredibly common across the United States, especially in Mountain West region, amongst states like Idaho and Utah.


What is meth?


Meth is a highly addictive stimulant drug that provides a sudden burst of energy, to the point of inducing mania. Meth users are often hyper-alert, but may also become highly paranoid, with their nerves being on-edge. Meth is a drug that can be taken in a variety of ways, including through injection, smoking, oral ingestion, and other ways. The way that the drug is taken affects the type of high that the user gets. Most commonly, meth is smoked in a form called crystal meth.


Short term effects of meth addiction


Meth has many extreme short-term effects that will impact a regular user. Individuals who are using meth will experience circulatory problems that cause sudden spikes in heart rate, as well as blood pressure. This can also be accompanied by a strong sense of nausea. While taking meth, a user is liable to feel incredibly paranoid, and may suffer from a drug-induced mania that can cause hallucinations and images of near-death experiences. If too much meth is taken, overdoses are liable to occur.


Long term effects of meth addiction


If a user abuses meth over a long period of time, the short-term effects of meth abuse can begin to continuously affect the addict. Long-term meth usage drastically increases the risk of heart attacks, and can cause chronic damage to the rest of your circulatory system. Frequently using meth can also cause damage to your blood vessels, and weakens critical organs, such as your liver and kidney. The mental effects of meth addiction can also lead to long-term brain damage, and can contribute to mental disorders, such as psychosis.


Get help, today!


If you or somebody else that you know struggles with the effects of meth addiction, it is important not to wait. Get help, today, so that you can embrace recovery and live for a healthier and more fulfilling tomorrow.


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