The Renaissance Ranch Approach

Our approach to recovery is based on the original 12 Step Program. What makes Renaissance Ranch unique is that we incorporate cutting edge research in to our recovery system. Research that has been carefully vetted and confirmed by our experience with successful recoveries. This means we supplement the 12 Step Program with several different types of therapy including: experiential & adventure therapy, group sessions, and also family therapy resources. We also offer medically assisted detox and recovery options for individuals that meet certain criteria.

The 12 Step Program

The success of the 12 Step Program has been consistently demonstrated since its inception. The program has also been modified to treat many types of addiction besides the alcohol abuse it was created to address. The success of the 12 Step Program isn’t limited exclusively to chemical addiction cases either. Different versions of the program have been applied to successfully treated physical and psychological conditions as well.


Here at Renaissance Ranch, we don’t discriminate against individuals of different faiths and we believe that spiritual healing is central to a full and lasting recovery. However, we also know that our program isn’t for everyone. If our program doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, we are more than happy to help you get connected with a different program that can potentially better meet your needs as an individual.

Counseling and Therapy Options

To supplement our 12 Step based recovery program, we offer our residents many different counseling and therapy options. Our experience in helping individuals successfully address the problem of addiction has taught us that these options are very important. This is because all individuals experience addiction differently. Furthermore, at each step along the way, individuals experience also experience recovery differently. That is why we offer individual therapy and experiential therapy activities to supplement scheduled group therapy sessions. We know that each of these approaches provides different opportunities for individuals to discover and begin to cope with new dimensions of their own recoveries.


Renaissance Ranch also offers family counseling and therapy because we know that addiction issues don’t simply affect individuals. Addiction problems resonate through communities of family and friends that care about the individuals who suffer from these terrible diseases. Our family services aim to create a healthy environment for individuals to return to when they complete the initial recovery process.

Medically Assisted Detox and Recovery

We encourage clients to go through the detox process at a medical detoxification facility, especially those with a medical history of seizures or other conditions that can be triggered by withdrawal. These clients will typically undergo a 10 day treatment with Suboxone or Subutex, with 5 days occurring at the detox facility and 5 days administered at Renaissance Ranch. However, we also have options available for clients that aren’t able to attend a medical detox facility.


We also offer preventative medication options for clients in recovery, which includes opioid blockers like ReVia, Depade, or Vivitrol. Medically assisted options are for clients that meet specific criteria and are not meant as long term solutions for addiction treatment. These programs are supplementary to our 12 Step Based system, which is a long-term solution to addiction.

Renaissance Ranch

If you or a loved one is suffering from any type of addiction: please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Addiction is a disease that doesn’t simply correct itself and the longer the problem persists, the worse it becomes. Our unique LDS Gospel centered approach to the 12 Steps and recovery can help put this troubling issue in a clear perspective that helps individuals recover physically, mentally and spiritually. Don’t hesitate a moment longer. Contact Renaissance Ranch to begin healing your family today.