Testimonials - 12 Step LDS Rehab
  At Renaissance Ranch we are committed to providing our residents with the top LDS rehab, professional services and compassionate treatment. Our unique recovery experience blends traditional 12 step treatment methods with spiritual and Gospel centered solutions. It is our mission to assist each individual in the development and realization of their fullest potential. We are honored to share with you the stories of those who have completed our program and are successfully living in recovery.  

When my sons were struggling with a heroin addiction years ago, my husband and I were invited to attend the a family group at the Renaissance Ranch Residential center.

We asked Kris Groves, the residential family group counselor, “What is the best thing we can do to help our loved ones in recovery?” She replied “Work on your OWN recovery.”

We didn’t understand that statement then, but today we are deeply grateful for the principles and information we continue to learn in family group each week.

Our sons have been clean and sober for 8 and 10 years. Our entire family is more unified, with deeper love and connection than would have ever been possible without the tools we learned at the Renaissance Ranch family group program years ago.

My husband and I are so happy to still be learning and growing today due to the principles and practices we learn from recovery principles, particularly the 12 steps, each day.

  Wow! I came to the retreat looking for ways to help my addicted love one through recovery. I came away understanding how codependent I am and realizing how much I need healing and recovery myself. I learned valuable information to start down the path of recovery for everyone. There is a long road ahead, but we’re taking the first steps. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Anonymous
I really appreciate the staff at R.R. to spend two entire days with us teaching us. They are all so very helpful in guiding us through this oft times difficult and unsure journey of recovery. I now see that this is something I need as much as my (addict) child. Anonymous
I appreciate so much the opportunity to attend the family retreat. My husband and I spent so much time concentrating on our daughter’s needs and addictions that it was so good to take time to concentrate on our own needs and inadequacies. I feel that a way is now open for my own healing and peace.   Thank you so much! Janet Davidson
This retreat has been a wonderful experience! There were a great variety of discussions, activities and lessons which were taught by therapists who had such great insight and experience. Participating in this retreat has truly started me on a path of recovery and healing that didn’t really seem possible. I have learned a lot about myself and my needs. I have learned that while it is important for my husband to continue to recover, it is equally important for me to recover. I realize that it will be a lifelong journey for both of us. Anonymous
Wow! I can’t express the love & healing that I have felt through this retreat. I wish I could experience it several times as my son also partakes and heals. The spirit that resides at this facility is overwhelming. I know that these people and this place have been prepared for the healing of many souls, not just those addicted to various things. I will treasure my time here. Anonymous
This weekend has been one of the best and enlightening times. This truly is one divinely inspired program. With an open heart and an open mind I have learned more about myself and my disease that I ever thought possible. I am grateful to the Ranch for teaching me feelings are OK and that taking care of myself is not selfish. Anonymous
As a family member of someone who struggled with the disease of addiction I want to give my grandest thanks to Renaissance Ranch and all of the staff members that work so hard to make it a wonderfully spiritual place full of love, joy and recovery. My life had become completely un manageable and chaotic as many will tell you that have had this horrible disease hit their homes. For me however, I did not know why. When my loved one was entrapped in the bonds of addiction, I was not even aware. I knew that behind closed doors, things were not good at home. Our connection with each other and our connection with our kids was un healthy and I could not ever figure out why.   Once I came to know that addiction had taken over, I then felt even more hopeless. Even more so than hopelessness I felt a lot of anger and resentment toward my loved one for having put me through such heartache and pain. I wanted and did blame them for everything. In an effort to try anything I found the Ranch and we gave that a shot. I remember when Tyson told me that I would look back one day on this disease of addiction and be grateful that the Lord allowed it into my life. Well, that made me even more mad. How could an addict in recovery possibly know what I felt? Well, my first night at family night when the Dixons shared their feelings and experience and echoed this statement from their son, that I would somehow come to find peace and ultimately I would be grateful for the addiction that hit our home, I figured everyone must be crazy.   The very first night at family support, though I was not sure what was going to happen, I immediately felt connected to everyone and in some weird way felt that things would get better. WOW! Did they ever get better? I have come to look forward to family support night at the Ranch more so than pretty much anything else in that week. I absolutely love what I have learned regarding the 12 step process and how it allows each of us, both the addict and the family members to find the true healing power of the Savior’s atonement. I can now say both Tyson and his parents were right and I am grateful for addiction in my life. I do not wish anyone to have to go through the pain of addiction, but to feel the sweetness of forgiveness and understanding is so amazing that I am not sure how many people would ever come to know how sweet it is unless they felt how painful addiction could be.   I would recommend the Ranch to anyone that is in despair from the effects of addiction. You will feel love, understanding and hope like you cannot find anywhere else. I am forever grateful to Renaissance Ranch for everything I have learned there and for all the love and support given to me from all the staff members. Thank you for everything.   Sincerely E. K. ( Loving Family Member of someone who is beating addiction and is in an amazing full-fledged recovery. )
In July of 2013, I entered Renaissance Ranch as a father to three beautiful girls, a husband to an amazing women and an employee for a good company, yet I was completely hopeless and I had no desire to live. I had given up on myself. I was a slave to drugs and alcohol, and had been for sometime. When I walked into the Ranch I was embraced with open arms by other men who were recovering from the same addictions that I had, and the men were smiling and filled with hope. The staff there loved me and taught me that I was sick with the disease of addiction. They gave me the tools necessary to get better, and as I used them I started to have hope and I began to love myself. While at Renaissance Ranch I rekindled a relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ, and I strengthen those relationships daily by living the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. This sacred place enabled me to build a firm foundation of recovery for my life. I will forever be indebted to the people I met at Renaissance Ranch. They saved my life. Today I am over 5 months clean and sober, and I am grateful for life. I feel reborn. Drew R.
There are a few places in my life that I consider holy and sacred places. Without doubt, Renaissance Ranch is one of those places. When I walked into Renaissance Ranch, I was a broken man. I was lost. I was hopeless. I was absolutely positive that I had failed the test I was sent here to take and I was destined for condemnation. I never doubted God’s existence; I was simply convinced that He didn’t care about me. When I prayed… Nothing. When I hurt… Nothing. When I was at the gates of Hell… Nothing. I felt completely alone. My life had become one big façade. I was hiding behind the noticeable accolades of a full-time mission, temple marriage, priesthood callings, and having the “perfect family,” while in all reality, I was dead inside. I had a head full of gospel knowledge and a heart full of shame. I felt like a failure. I hated who I was. That all changed during my stay at Renaissance Ranch. I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone and that there were others who felt the same feelings of self-hatred, failure, and shame. This realization, coupled with the nonjudgmental environment of the Ranch, I was able to be completely honest and open for the first time in my life. From the guidance and empathy of my counselors and brothers, I learned it was okay to feel and I started to believe that there was hope. I was able to feel loved by others, to love them back, to start loving myself, and amazingly, I began to feel the love of my Savior. The Atonement was no longer just for forgiveness of sin. It became a relief of shame and guilt. It became a comfort for hurt and pain. The Atonement became real. I am so grateful for Renaissance Ranch, its staff, and the counselors. They figuratively and literally saved my life. Today I have a life filled with honesty, hope, and love. I am able to be the husband, father, and man I have the potential to be. My life is real. When I went into Renaissance Ranch, I thought my life was over. To my surprise, it was just beginning. You’re not alone. There is hope. Klay B.
I arrived at the Ranch a broken man – hopeless, angry, full of fear and suicidal.  My alcoholism and drug addiction had caused me to completely withdraw from my family, my career and myself.  In a last plea for help my wife found the Ranch.  A few days later I was on a plane, a staff member picked me up at the airport and made me feel welcome and not judged.  When I arrived at the Ranch I was welcomed by the staff and all the clients who I would soon learn were my brothers in a road to our recovery.  I later learned I wasn’t a bad man but a sick man with a disease, and that if I could listen and open my heart I could find a path to recovery.  Today I thank God for all the blessings I have had since walking into the Ranch and finally surrendering my will and my life to Him.  My life is manageable today; I’m sober and have learned how to use the tools that were taught to me while in house and in the aftercare program.  The staff at the Ranch is top notch and everything they do is in the best interest of the client and comes from their hearts and their own experiences.  I have brothers in recovery today who I can count on when I am struggling and the staff is always there when I need help.  I have hope today, love in my heart and I have my family back – as long as I continue to stay on the course to recovery and this will go on the rest of my life if I’m honest with myself. If you are finally ready to surrender and listen to people who know what’s in your best interest then this is the place.  I have nothing but great memories from my time at the Ranch and I am at peace with myself today. It took what it took for me to gain sobriety and I am so glad that I came to the Ranch.   Chris H.
“It’s hard to express how much the Ranch means to me. Not only did I change my life with the help of the Ranch, but the lives of those in my family have been forever changed as well. I am grateful for who I am today. I am a better son, brother, father, and man, and I owe a big portion of that change to Renaissance Ranch.” Landon H.
I thank my Heavenly Father every day for allowing my family to find the Renaissance Ranch and the treatment team there. My family first became acquainted with the Ranch back in the summer of 2006 when my older brother overdosed and was nearly dead. A few days later he was checked into rehab and the journey began. My brother and I had actively used drugs and alcohol together for the previous 6 years and to see him almost dead, one would think that I would just stop what I was doing and get help. I couldn’t though, I had lost my freedom of choice, it had literally been taken from me and I was completely powerless in making any kind of decision for myself. The only thing I knew how to do was lie, steal and manipulate to get the things I wanted. And the things I wanted were drugs and alcohol. My wife, my son and the relationship with my family were no longer important to me, the only thing that mattered was finding a way to get high! Eventually the drugs didn’t work anymore and I no longer had the desire to live. I started to question everything and looked back and asked, how could I, who was raised with good moral values, who served an honorable mission for my church and had a temple marriage be where I was at today. I was completely hopeless! Nothing else mattered, and I had often hoped that I would not wake up the next morning. But I did! I woke up one morning in June of 2009 and decided it was time for me to make a change. I didn’t know where the decision to go to rehab came from, but looking back now, I know it was my Heavenly Father pushing me through the doors of the Ranch! I had witnessed my older brother and the change he made, he was doing so many good things and was happy. He was truly happy, and he was sober! I had to know what the secret was. The Ranch taught me those secrets to happiness, and I found out my divine worth as a son of God. I learned about the Atonement and it was so simple. I found that the Atonement of Jesus Christ was simply the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous in action! I worked the steps and along the way formed a relationship with Jesus Christ which will never be broken. I love me for me and I love who I am. I am a Son of the Most High God! And ALL my relationships that I had damaged over the years have been restored! I never would have known these truths or had my relationships restored without my involvement in the Ranch! To H, Steve, Don, Dave R. and to the beautiful Kris Groves, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My wife thanks you. My son thanks you. My mom and dad thank you for helping 2 of their precious possesions to find their true meaning and divine worth! Without my family finding the Ranch, I honestly feel that my mom and dad would have buried two of their 4 kids because of this disease! God Speed!  Taylor P.
Renaissance Ranch will always be a special place to me and will always have a special place in my heart. I had already attended one rehab facility. The Ranch truly saved my life by teaching me and allowing me to understand and love who I am. I learned that I was not a bad person, I was a very sick person trying to get better. It was the love and care the counselors and staff had for me. Their loving environment, along with the tools that were taught, directed me to a spiritual and healthy start, a new journey of life and freedom in recovery. Thank you for the service you provide to all those who accept it.  Justin N.
Renaissance Ranch gave me a gift that no amount of money can ever repay. Through their unique, caring approach I learned how much I was loved, and that I never had to feel alone every again.  Dustin L.
My sobriety date is July 15 2008. And for that I am very grateful. The ranch has given Me the tools to live a life I never thought was possible. I have never forgotten the feelings I felt when I was there in treatment and that’s what gets me through the day, is the feelings and brotherhood that I was so blessed with while I was in the ranch. I owe my life to the program that was shown to me in and through the ranch. Thanks ranch  Tyler G.
As soon as I walked through the doors of the Ranch I felt hope. My life had spiraled into depths of shame, misery, guilt, depression, sadness, and suffocating darkness prior to reaching those front doors. The 2 months that followed would forever change my life and provide a foundation within that is unshakable. The brotherhood lifted me up, carried me, and continues to support my recovery today. I learned, and more importantly FELT, the love God has for me. I was forgiven, and I was new. I started to see myself as my creator sees me. I learned that spiritual action aligned with god’s will is my recipe for a life that I always wanted, but could never seem to uncover on my own. I will always carry a humble love and deep affection for what happened those 60 days in the house. It is the keystone to my recovery from the chains of addiction. Peace and Love, Bryan H.
My name is Tyson and I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. I went into the Renaissance Ranch at the age of 22 in Sept. 2008 and have been clean and sober since. When I first walked into the Ranch I immediately noticed something different from all the treatment centers I had been involved with before and that was love. Love from the other clients is there and genuine love and concern from the counselors that worked there. Guys that had been sober for years still came back to the A.A. meeting every Wednesday and they were happy and succeeding in life even though they had been seemingly worse off than me. The counselors and the brothers in the Ranch helped me see the things that I could not see that were holding me down and keeping me in addiction. Because they had been where I had been, they were able effectively communicate to me and to guide me through and re-introduce me to my higher power and I was able to see light at the end of the tunnel and feel what hope feels like. I started to recover a day at a time and feel peace like I never had known possible. I could probably write a book on my experience and one day probably will ha ha. The thing is, is that I am still having the experience, I get to recover on a daily basis. I get to know peace and joy today. I get to feel. I get to love and be loved. I get to live! Not only did the Ranch teach me how to not use drugs or alcohol, they taught me how to deal with life and enjoy the ride. I have seen many many people recover through the ranch. I have seen addicts like me recover and get married, serve missions and go back to school. I have seen men become the husbands and fathers that God intended them to be. I have been a witness to modern day miracles. It is because I am one of these that I write a small part of my experience with the Ranch as they helped introduce me to recovery and my God. I owe them alot more than words. So as long as I am breathing I will strive to be at the Wednesday night brotherhood A.A. meeting every Wednesday. Tyson D.
There is Hope  Drugs and alcohol have always been a part of my life. I started using at 13 years old. I needed an escape from abuse; I did not want to feel anymore. It did not take long for it to start to control my life. I was in and out of different rehabs. I knew that if I didn’t get help and really get help this time I would die. I was close to losing everything in my life. I was sick of living the way I was. By a miracle, we found the Ranch. It felt right from the beginning that this is where I needed to be. I had been to a lot of different rehabs throughout my life, but not one that had also taught gospel principles. I was so sick. The beginning is always the hardest. The staff made me feel so loved and made me realize that just because I had made so many mistakes that my Heavenly Father forgave me and was just waiting for me to come to him. I now know that the reason this is working this time is because not only do I need to work the AA program but that I have to allow God to help me everyday.  The Ranch taught me the tools that I have to use everyday to stay clean and sober. The lifelong friendships that I have made at the Ranch – I am also so grateful for. I have to take everyday one day at a time. I take this disease very seriously because it kills and I have seen what it can do. The Ranch has truly saved my life. Words cannot express how thankful I am for the dedication they all have to spend their lives helping others. I will always struggle with the disease of alcoholism. I have been where some of you are now. I know the hopeless feeling and the emptiness that comes from drugs and alcohol. But, just know that there is hope. You are not alone and there really is help, you just have to want it. I have been blessed in so many ways. I have been given a second chance at life and I am looking forward to my clean and sober future.  Tony S.
The Renaissance Ranch experience was and continues to be profound, life-changing, and wonderful for me. During my stay at Renaissance Ranch, amazingly talented and truly caring professionals identified and then treated the root causes of my addiction to alcohol and drugs. I am especially grateful that I learned solutions that were based on gospel principles and that those solutions were presented in a way that motivated me to change. Even though the process was difficult at times, everything I learned and experienced at the Ranch felt right. Consequently, I have my life back. I have real hope for the future. I am confident that through the powerful support of my brothers, the Rancheros, and by using the ‘tools’, (AA’s 12 steps and many others) I acquired at the Ranch, I will continue to be empowered to achieve my hopes and dreams in this life, to stay sober, and to be of service to my family and others. With all my heart I thank everyone at Renaissance Ranch!  Nils
My name is Brett. I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. I was alone and hopeless. I had lost all desire to live and was confused with the purpose of my life. Through the grace of God I found Renaissance Ranch and began my recovery journey. I have the chance again to live and have found peace and serenity in my life through the Atonement of my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ. I was taught about my disease of alcoholism at Renaissance Ranch and have learned that with the help of others and with the help of my God that I can recover. Life has a purpose again.  Light has been restored to my life through the principles and lessons I learned at Renaissance Ranch. It’s amazing to me that I’m finding my God and my Savior through recovery and that this journey began with the love and counsel of all those involved at Renaissance Ranch. I believe that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I may continue to be healed and that my life has a purpose once again.  Love your brother in recovery,  Brett
Drinking and drugs were a curiosity that started at the age of 13 and continued in what I thought to be an innocent phase. Finishing high-school many of my “party” buddies began cleaning up, growing up, and moving on with their lives. I too decided I better sober up and move on. This lasted for a couple of years, and allowed me to serve an LDS mission and marry my high-school sweetheart.  Although on the outside I had the appearance of success, there was something wrong, and I once again turned back to the only solution that I knew…drugs.  After years of hiding the addiction, I was now trying any and all methods to get my life “back on track”, with no success. The cognitive techniques and self-help books brought brief relief, followed by a deeper level of discouragement and loss of hope. I was finally broken to the point that I was willing to accept help outside of my own efforts.  The initial motive for entering the Ranch was to feel better. I wanted someone to put their arm around me and confirm all the self-victimizing thoughts I had. I DID receive the arm around the shoulder, but instead of some superficial, cognitive “feel-good” treatment, the Ranch provided the environment and help in getting down to the core issues that fueled the motives for my self-destructive behavior. Once these core problems were exposed and dealt with, the counselors and staff helped create a solid foundation, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically that I could build the rest of my life on.  If you’re reading this, then you either have someone close to you struggling with addiction, or you yourself are the one that understands what I mean when I talk about the indescribable hell it is living your life imprisoned as a slave to addiction.  The Ranch helped develop the skills necessary to deal with life and all the ups and downs of reality. I learned that I no longer have to be ashamed of my problem, but can have humble confidence and help lead others to the life I’ve found.  The decision I made to enter the Ranch and trust in the process was the single most important decision I’ve made in my life. I will do anything to convey this message to the addict or alcoholic that is still suffering.  I’m an outspoken, non-practicing, drug addict that will share my message with anyone.  Feel free to contact me as a reference.  Marriott M.
It is difficult for me to express the level of gratitude that I have in my heart for the owners and counselors of Renaissance Ranch. My love and appreciation for them is genuine and true.  In my life, the reality of the adversary has been very real and very painful. At the low points in life, I believed that I was literally bound and truly in the gall of bitterness. I believe that Satan thought I would never change. He had claimed me as his. I felt powerless, alone, and like I had no choice. After 18 years of abusing drugs and alcohol, an honorable mission, temple marriage, and three beautiful children, I overdosed on July first of 2006.  I entered the Ranch on July sixth. My life began to change on that very day. I could feel the presence of something I had once been very familiar with, The Holy Spirit. I began to feel hope and peace as I worked through my past. I was introduced to the 12 steps. I listened to My counselors and my brothers suggestions. I got honest with myself. It became very clear to me that I was never stripped of my agency, I simply gave it to the wrong brother. I was re-introduced to the Big Brother who loves me. The Very Savior of The World. My Personal Savior and Friend, Jesus the Christ.  My testimony of my experience is this; I was administered to by men and women who have been called to this work. They know God and His Eternal Son. My relationship with the Savior was restored through people who have been given a special gift and have chosen to pass it on.  I love you H! I love you Steve! and to the only woman of Renaissance, I love you Kris! Thank you for loving me like the Savior, for teaching me like the Savior, and restoring hope like the Savior. You are truly fishers of men.  All my love and affection,  Dave P.
The New Me  I can’t begin to put into words the joy that I feel now. I am living proof that there is life after the drugs! My downward spiral began a number of years ago when I legitimately needed something for physical pain. At that time it became apparent that I was experiencing emotional and spiritual pain as well. My drug conveniently became a coping mechanism for all of my problems. In time, the drug became the problem. And it was huge!! I lost track of who I was and how to be a husband and father. I felt abandoned by my God and my family. I started on a journey of self pity and denial. I was so alone! I thought I could mask the self hatred and shame by taking more of the drugs. I used and used and used! I completely lost track of who I was and why I should continue living. I was a mess!  It was then that a loving family intervened and came to my rescue. But why should they? I was always right and they were wrong. They didn’t understand! Nobody understood! Somehow I landed at Renaissance Ranch. It was there that the healing process began. My physical body required attention and care. I learned to eat again. I began to exercise and work my muscles. But more importantly, my spiritual self emerged. I was reintroduced to who I actually was. I learned of my potential and my divine parentage. I actually felt the profound gift of my Savior’s atonement in my life. That wonderful gift actually had an application to me now! I was able to discuss feelings and fears with inspired and qualified counselors. I could find safe haven in my brothers. After all, we were fighting the same battle. My 60 day in-house recovery program literally saved my life! I left with a commitment to continue on with a 90 day “after care” program where I was able to associate and assist with others just like me. I continued in my efforts with the counselors and discussed challenges and successes that I was experiencing. The “after care” program further strengthened my resolve to progress in my recovery. Now, as an alumnus of Renaissance Ranch, I continue with a life long contract and commitment to work my own recovery as well as assist my new brothers with theirs. Life is good! Yes, very good!! Mitch
To my Brothers in darkness and despair:  My name is Arthur of Nashville, TN. I am privileged to write these words of truth and hope to you. I have been blessed to have been one of the first brothers to go through this awesome place, Renaissance Ranch. Heavenly Father has seen fit to put it here for his most valiant of spirits, to come and to learn a way to return to a life that will bring us happiness.  I have lived my life in pain and misery for a long time. Living my life believing the “lies” that have been taught to me. That I am a horrible person, that I’m just not ever going to be able to live the strict law that Bishops and Apostles live. That I could never be that good.  I was baptized at the age of 20 and stayed sober only living the Gospel for 1 year. I then relapsed and have been away for about 8 years. In that 1 year, I developed a strong testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Godhead and Prophets. As soon as I chose to pick up drugs again, all the miracles I had received and witnessed totally went out the door. My life went with it!  I was introduced to the 12 Steps in 1995 but at that time I wasn’t willing to take or do any suggestions that were given to me. I am willing to go to any lengths today, mainly because I was so miserable without God in my life.  That’s enough about me and I hope you can relate enough with me to listen about a place. If you have admitted complete defeat, that will open your heart and mind to a life of happiness.  The “Ranch” is a place far enough out of the world that you can begin to calm the crap in your head long enough to see the truth about your life. They will show you that the life you are living, inside the box of your addiction where you can’t see any other way, is not the only way to live. They will show you how to be happy and how to overcome this obsession with drugs and alcohol so that we can fill the hole inside of us. They will love you when you don’t love yourself, until you can develop your relationship with your Savior so he can fill the hole. I’ve been to 3 other “high profile” treatment centers and I have never experienced what I have at Renaissance. I was so scared coming to Utah but when I arrived, I was immediately loved by my brothers in here and those that run the place. We realize and feel the same love we felt for each other in the pre-existence. There are so many things that happen on a daily basis if you are willing to become honest with yourself and with others. The bond that you make with them will be on an Eternal level.  I guess the biggest thing that I learned was that I am truly a Child of God who is worthy of all of the wonderful things that he has in store for me. I no longer choose to believe the lies anymore. I can live the Gospel with the Savior’s help and so can you. My favorite scripture is Alma 32: 26-27. Please read it as it speaks to Faith and putting it to the test.  All you need is the desire and he will pick up the rest. Take the experiment and love yourself enough to help yourself. I hope you will come and be a member of our “Band of Brothers”.  Arthur
Miracles, is there such a thing in the world today. Here’s my story of the miracle at Renaissance Ranch. It was my third go around at Volunteers of America detoxification center in Salt Lake City. I was hopeless and desperate and saw a picture of Jesus on a bunk beside me, as I was contemplating how to kill myself. I thought of my younger years as a Catholic and how Jesus was supposed to love us as he died for our sins. I was not to sure if he would forgive me but I was in so much remorse that I did not believe in any redemption what so ever. I had not prayed to him in many years. I was at the end of my rope, so I went out side under the stars and uttered my first of many prayers to this magnificent being. I had begged him if he was still there to help me to over come this powerful addiction. There was many tears that night.  With in a few days my prayers were starting to be answered. Two angels appeared in one of VOA case workers office by the name of HR and Steven Brown. They were hoping to find a willing soul to come up to their new treatment center called Renaissance Ranch. I was one of several who were called up for the assessment. As I was being interviewed I knew without a doubt that the Lord was answering my call. My situation was grave. I was homeless and no means of any financial assistance. All I had was the clothes on my back and I have been wearing them for several weeks. We completed the assessment and they told me they would contact me the following day. The case worker called me to her office the next morning, she said that I was accepted to the program and I would be leaving in a couple of days.  I could never have dreamed of a life I have received through the spirit and the loving counselors at Renaissance Ranch, the 12 Steps, the Gospel and the LDS faith. I have overcome a hopeless state of mine and body and have been reborn into a new life beyond my wildest dreams. I do not struggle with my addiction, I have a loving relationship with our Savior, ongoing support from the wonderful counselors and a life long involvement with the facility as an alumni.  The miracle has happened and I am truly it. I was the very first client and am very grateful for what Renaissance Ranch had helped me to find; myself, our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and many friends for all eternity!  Greg S.
To Anyone “Alone”:  I was worn out and tried to do this stop drinking and using pills “Alone”. Well, it did not work for me and I was going to die “Alone” and I knew it. So I gave up and asked for help from an LDS Bishop who found Renaissance Ranch. I was willing to try anything to take me out of this dark life I was living. I went to Renaissance Ranch and met others just like me. Together we shared all of our dark life experiences and we were counseled to search for Heavenly Fathers’ help. We were no longer trying to do this recovery process “Alone”. We prayed together and worked the 12 Steps of AA. This along with the fellowship of my Brothers helped me to find a better life and connection with my Heavenly Father. I now have him in my life and am happy with my recovery program. I’m still with my counselors today at Renaissance Ranch and am attending Aftercare and meetings. I will always be grateful for this experience. I know now why I’ve traveled this path, it’s so I can be here and now you won’t be “Alone” anymore. You help to keep me sober today…. Thank You.  God Bless,  Dave R. “Shakes no more”
I have been called to serve a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in the Fort Collins, CO mission. I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices and love of everyone at The Ranch. I attribute my recovery to God, hard work, and the things I learned while I was there. I am so excited to go serve my Heavenly Father, it has been a long hard road to get here but I know it is what he wants me to do. My heart is full of gratitude and love for those who have cared for me… Roger S.
Renaissance Ranch saved my life. I walked into those doors scared, addicted, and ready to end my life. I had lost everything due to my addiction and it was only a matter of days before my time was up. I think depression and suicide was my main concern and that was a result of my addiction. I did everything I could to do make it on my own, alone with my addiction. At Renaissance Ranch I began to realize that there are other people who have struggled like me that have survived and have a happy life. There are ways to overcome the dark dreary life of addiction. There is no way out unless you surrender to doing the work and being completely honest with yourself. It was here that I learned about the Twelve Steps and became aware that this is bigger than me and I cannot do it alone anymore. In the safe environment at Renaissance Ranch, I became acquainted with a whole new me. I learned things about myself I would never thought possible. I worked through serious core issues that were the root to my self destruction. I had been in counseling a long time but here they had some of the best counselors in the country which was really effective in my recovery. I am now 8 months sober and am the happiest I have ever been. Renaissance Ranch helped me set up a support group so once I got out of rehab I had strong, positive influences to help me in my new life. I now have a great job, am saving money, and am going back to school for my Biology degree. It is possible to start over. You are going to know a new happiness and a new freedom. You just need to be willing.  God Bless,  Christie