Renaissance Ranch

Men’s Treatment

The Ranch is located in a 3 Acre spread located in Bluffdale, Utah

Renaissance Ranch provides gender-specific treatment for addiction in order to better help our clients succeed in long-term recovery. Addiction, as a disease, tends to affect men and women differently. For example, men today are at a higher risk of engaging in substance abuse than women. Therefore, we tailor our recovery program to fit the specific needs of each gender. Learn more about our men’s treatment program and Utah drug rehab facility below.

Renaissance Ranch Location

Our Program

We provide a comprehensive addiction recovery program that uses a wide variety of therapeutic methods and medical processes delivered through a faith-based approach to promote lasting recovery. The heart and soul of what we offer is the 12-step program, which we utilize in both our outpatient and inpatient programs. We also use a variety of other therapy techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR trauma therapy, and many, many others.

Addiction recovery program
Addiction recovery process

Our Process

While each person’s treatment journey is unique, we try our best to provide a clear path to addiction recovery for each of our clients. From the moment each of our clients makes the initial call to get treatment, we put them on a roadmap that leads them from detoxification, to inpatient rehab, to continuing care, and all the way through to an honored place in our sober alumni network.

See Our Facility

We recently remodeled our men’s treatment facility to give it a complete facelift. Not only does the environment look better, but we have also updated the amenities to better serve the men who come to us seeking recovery. Our facility is equipped with a 24/7 staff of therapists and medical professionals, space for recreational activities, and horses that we use for equine therapy.

Utah Rehab Center

    Admission Information

    While we strive to keep our program open to anyone who is seeking addiction treatment in utah, there are a variety of different requirements that must be met in order to be treated at Renaissance Ranch drug rehab in Utah. The categories of these requirements span everything from age, to medical history, to personal commitment towards recovery.