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Finding a Drug Rehab Near Vernal

If you’ve been struggling with addiction, your situation may feel hopeless. Addiction damages important relationships, interferes with work, and ravages self-identity. It can cause people to quit seeing addiction as what they’ve done and start saying it as who they are.

If you’re a Vernal resident dealing with addiction, there is hope and healing nearby. At Renaissance Ranch in Bluffdale, Utah, we understand what you’re going through. In fact, many of the people who run the Ranch are in recovery themselves. We have developed an award-winning center to help Vernal residents stop the cycle of addiction and move toward a bright future.

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Why Do I Need Drug Rehab Near Vernal? Can’t I Do It on My Own?

It can be tempting to try the road to recovery alone. We may feel embarrassed to admit we have a problem. We may fear losing a job, a living arrangement, or the love and respect of those closest to us when we admit to our addictions. It’s not easy to expose our weaknesses to others.

The problem with going it alone is the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Anyone who has tried quitting cold turkey can attest to the excruciating mental and physical pain you undergo. Symptoms can include pain, agitation, tremors, confusion, hallucinations, seizures, and delirium, depending on the substance, the amount you’ve been using, and how long you’ve been using. In severe cases, withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can cause death.

Very few people who try to detox on their own can withstand the pain and anxiety long enough to finish the process. Most go back to using and take a hit to their self-esteem as they assume their failure was due to weakness on their part. It’s not. Addiction is a serious disease, and our medically-supervised detox program at our drug rehab center near Vernal can help you successfully detox and move into addiction recovery.

After detox, you’ll begin our inpatient treatment in the company of others working through similar struggles. This program will pull you away from life as usual, including the influences that could drag you back to drug abuse. Inpatient treatment will immerse you in the 12-step program and the counseling programs needed to help you address the root causes of your addiction. Inpatient treatment is a necessary, intensive step to take you away from daily interferences and help you focus solely on recovery.

Inpatient treatment is followed by our outpatient program, which will serve as a bridge between your inpatient experience and real life. You will continue therapies and life changes to help you live drug-free.

No matter how good your intentions, it’s extremely difficult to quit using without the intervention of programs like these. They surround you with people who will cheer you on, not drag you down. And they connect you with the therapies and programs you need to make long-standing changes, not just put a bandage on issues that are contributing to your drug use.

Why Should I Consider a Faith-based Drug Rehab Near Vernal?

The farther down our rabbit hole of addiction we go, the more we question core beliefs. Is God really there? Does he even care that we’re drowning? Prayer hasn’t taken away the addiction. Do our words even leave the room to reach the Heavens above, or are we cast off, no longer worthy of God’s attention and love?

The truth is, yes. God loves you without hesitation, no matter what you’ve done. But like so many difficult trials, we weren’t meant to deal with this one alone. Learning how to bring God into the recovery process is critical.

That’s why our Christian-based rehabilitation center near Vernal focuses on bringing patients out of the dark and closer to their Higher Power, Jesus Christ. You can heal your mind, body, spirit, relationships, and life with the help of our faith-based rehabilitation center.

Why Is the LDS Drug Treatment Center Near Vernal For Men Only? Is There an Option for Women?

Men and women are physiologically different. That may not sound very PC, but the fact remains that they experience addiction differently.

  • Men are more likely to drink, while women are more likely to use prescription drugs.
  • Women scale up their drug and alcohol use faster than men, and the substances stay in their system longer because their bodies process substances differently.
  • Men are more likely to self-medicate emotions they don’t feel free to express. Women are more likely to self-medicate past trauma.
  • Men and women are more likely to open up when surrounded by their own gender than when they are in mixed company.
  • Some therapies are more effective for men and vice versa.

Renaissance Ranch is a rehab for men near Vernal, but we also have a faith-based treatment center for Vernal’s female residents (located in Heyburn, Idaho). They have similar structured environments and effective programs with trained and understanding staff. They just approach recovery in a manner best suited to the resident’s physiology.

What Can I Expect with Treatment at Renaissance Ranch?

Detox and Inpatient Treatment

Our compassionate staff recognizes the difficulty of your chosen road because they’ve been where you are. They recognize your courage in trying to get healthy for yourself and your family. Our job is to help you safely detox with as little discomfort as possible until you feel physically well enough to start treatment. Then, the real work begins.

Our 60-day residency program allows you to step out of the world for a short time. That way, you can address the key issues driving your addiction. Our intensive program includes:

  • One-on-one counseling sessions with licensed professionals. They will help you recognize your triggers and unhealthy thought patterns and discover coping mechanisms that will support your sobriety rather than undermine it.
  • Counselor-led group sessions that allow you to see you’re not alone. It’s common for those suffering from addiction to think they’re beyond hope and beyond help. They’re afraid to admit to the fear and loneliness of facing incredible societal and family pressures without support. They’re afraid that this is their last chance. If they don’t make it, they can’t ever do it, and all hope is lost. By hearing the stories of people who are farther along the path to recovery— those who hit rock bottom and are climbing out of the pit—you can find hope that you, too, can make the journey. You can support and lift one another because you understand each other.
  • Guidance in finding your Higher Power. For some of us, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a close relationship with God (if we ever did). Feelings of guilt and shame can prevent us from accessing his help and feeling his love—and yet, that connection is the most important aspect of our recovery. We use the extremely successful 12-step program to help you reconnect with Jesus Christ.
  • Holistic treatment. Our Christian treatment centers near Vernal treat the whole person. In addition to counseling and classes, we encourage our residents to participate in a variety of activities and address their physical fitness. Addiction is isolating and demotivating. Doing things that help us feel better physically and emotionally improves our chances of lasting success.
  • Compassion and understanding. You won’t be a number or a guinea pig in a study. You will be buoyed up by our staff members, who have walked the road that you are walking. They are there to guide you on a pathway they’ve already walked, to share hard-won wisdom, and to extend compassion to the brave sons, brothers, and fathers who cross our threshold in search of a solution.

Outpatient Treatment and Beyond

Our eight-month outpatient program follows the inpatient program. It allows you to transition from the facility’s safety to your normal daily life while you have access to crucial support and ongoing resources. It’s one thing to be sober when everyone around you is drug and alcohol-free in a calm environment. Learning to be sober with work stress, family drama, and drinking colleagues is another matter altogether. We are with you as you apply the principles of recovery to your life.

Band Of Brothers, our alumni group, will be there for you life-long. Members hold each other accountable long after their last day at the Ranch. Together, you move toward your goals, celebrate your successes, buoy each other up when you feel compromised, and pick each other up if someone relapses. We’re a family that understands your challenges and has stood where you are. There is no judgment, just strength as you band together with a common goal. Band of Brothers is one of the largest alumni support groups of its kind in the country.

Will You Include My Family in the Recovery Process?

We know our residents have a lot on their plate. They may run into financial difficulties because of their addiction. They might have lost their children and are fighting to get sober so they can reunite with their families. They may struggle to keep their marriage healthy or reconcile with their parents. Drug and alcohol addiction affects everyone.

Stepping away from everything important to you to get sober and healthy is a courageous decision. The compassionate staff at our alcohol detox facility near Vernal knows you miss your loved ones and count down the days until you are reunited. Having strong family bonds can aid in your recovery. They give you something to fight for. Men can accomplish the impossible when fighting for their families.

At the same time, we understand that some relationships are toxic and even abusive. Such relationships will only cause heartache and setbacks. Our faith-based drug rehab near Vernal wants to encourage healthy family relationships while limiting the disruptions of negative encounters while you’re trying to get back on your feet.

Consequently, they offer your family online classes that show them how to best support you in your recovery and heal from their own wounds. When appropriate, joint counseling sessions can be arranged to help heal strained relationships, or your family might be invited to participate in group therapy. We can guide you to the healthiest approach to strengthening those family bonds during recovery and beyond.

How Do You Incorporate the 12-Step Program?

Our men’s (and women’s) Christian-based treatment centers near Vernal use the 12-step program, one of the most widely used and successful systems for addiction recovery. Many of us at the Ranch have seen this program change our lives and countless residents’ lives. The program teaches us to:

  1. Recognize that by going your own way, our lives have become unmanageable. Alcohol or drugs have weakened us, driven us to make poor choices, damaged our self-identity, stolen our careers, and broken our families. Our substance of choice is winning the battle, and that trend must stop.
  2. Have faith that God, in his infinite wisdom, can guide us through the recovery process and free us from the bonds of substance abuse.
  3. Turn our lives over to God. While surrendering our will is difficult, God is willing and able to make more of our lives than we could ever accomplish alone. He can help us find meaning and purpose, strengthen us when we are weak, and guide us through our darkest days.
  4. Take a deep, honest look at who we’ve become so we know where we fall short of who we want to be.
  5. Confess our mistakes. Liberation requires honesty. We can’t let go of our mistakes as long as we try to conceal them.
  6. Become new creatures in Christ by following his word and allowing him to heal our faults.
  7. Surrender our vices and take hold of new life. We allow God to remake our character into something we can be proud of.
  8. Take responsibility for the harm we’ve caused others. By making a list, we prepare for the next step.
  9. Step up and make amends wherever we can without causing more harm. This can be a difficult process, but it is also an essential part of letting go of the guilt that plagues us.
  10. Form habits that help us promptly admit our wrongs and make amends going forward so wounds don’t have time to fester.
  11. Deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer. We ask God to help us understand his will for us and request the strength of will and body to carry it out. As we learn to act on those promptings, they come more often. We step on a new path of service and love.
  12. Share our success and methods with those who suffer as we have suffered. We become the mentors that give others hope.

Additionally, the substance abuse center near Vernal encourages scripture study, meditation, prayer, and regular church attendance. These practices will help deepen your bonds with the Savior. As you grow close to the Savior, he can help you fight the battles you could not win on your own.

Will Renaissance Ranch Cure My Addiction?

When it comes to addiction, there is no quick fix or cure-all pill. The substance abuse facilities near Vernal are designed to help residents safely detox and provide a nurturing environment where they can learn the skills needed to conquer addiction on a daily basis. It does get easier with time, but addiction is never cured in the sense that you will never crave a drink or fix ever again.

You’ll still have bad days, arguments with your spouse, difficulties at work, and other challenging times. Everyone does. However, going through the residency program gives you time to replace old habits with new ones, so you have better coping skills. You have time to rediscover your priorities so you know what you’re fighting for. You learn how to turn your struggles and temptations over to the Lord so he can help you win your battles.

Our alumni program will become a pivotal part of your lasting sobriety. Band of Brothers isn’t just a fraternity during your initial recovery; it’s an enduring support system. You can make lifelong friends who will celebrate your successes and help you stand strong in your difficulties. Together, you’ll reach milestones as you reclaim your lives, strengthen your families, and pursue your passions.

Final Words

If you’re thinking of entering drug rehab near Vernal, we congratulate you on this bold step toward recovery and invite you to join us here at Renaissance Ranch. We can help you renew your relationship with God and others, leave the guilt and shame behind, and reach your full potential. Call us at 855-736-7262. Don’t wait another day to find the peace you deserve.

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