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We understand firsthand the complex challenges of supporting a loved one through the addiction recovery process. Renaissance Ranch is here to extend a helping hand to not only aid in the therapeutic healing journey of your struggling loved one but also our hand is extended toward you, the often overlooked struggling family member. We invite all individuals and family members eighteen years and older to engage in our complimentary weekly family education groups, webinars, and family process groups. Where appropriate, you may also be invited to attend joint counseling sessions with your loved one.

We strive to assist any way we can, offering five family group classes each week which not only provide support but are highly educational. We are committed to focusing on real solutions, not just the problem. Each week you will be provided with critical recovery skills, tools, and principles to facilitate true and lifelong changes within your family relationships that may have been strained by addictive behaviors. Our highly educational family groups are facilitated by those with personal or familial experience with addiction recovery and you can choose from six weekly online or live groups that are taught from the spousal, parental, or clinical perspective. At Renaissance Ranch we believe addiction is a family illness and evidence-based research suggests long-term sobriety hinges upon a healthy relationship between those with substance dependence disorder and their affected family member(s).



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Relationship-Focused Recovery

Relationship-Focused Recovery

We know successful families are families who never give up, even during times of extreme difficulty. We have a grounded network of recovery friends, parents, and spouses who are readily available at each of our open family groups to share their recovery strength, experience, and hope with you. Our master clinicians are among the best in the state at identifying the underlying causes of addiction and are committed to involving you in the healing journey of your addicted loved one.

We know that in order to maximize long-term sobriety we need to focus heavily on promoting healing within family relationships. Many treatment centers have yet to devote sufficient time to educating family members on how to navigate the complexities of addictive behaviors within the family. Through our complimentary online and public Family Education Groups, Family Recovery Webinars, and combined client/family member process groups, we hope to increase awareness of the critical need to include family members in the addiction recovery journey.

Family Involvement is Critical

Research is showing and confirming the NEED for family members to be involved in the recovery process.

Addiction impacts our family relationships. It reveals negative emotions and patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that cripple sacred family relationships for the addicted and the afflicted. As spouses, parents, and friends of addicted loved ones, the best thing we can do to restore our relationships is to work on our own recovery from those destructive patterns.

Recovery with a Spiritual Foundation

As a recovery family and community, we not only showcase our qualified therapists and recovery staff as they incorporate clinically proven solutions, but we also weave the beautiful tapestry of Christ-centered principles into our approach to facilitate true and lasting change.

We also include in our family program the same 12-steps of recovery that your loved one will be working on while in treatment at the Ranch. Family members working the 12-steps to recover from potentially harmful codependent rescuing, persecuting or suffering behaviors can find peace amid the storms of addiction, regardless of the sobriety success of their addicted loved one.

We encourage family members to keep attending family education groups even if their addicted loved one leaves treatment. Healthy family support is the best leverage to help a reticent loved one find the courage to return to help-seeking behaviors and treatment.


Being of a religious nature, I desperately tried all the usual spiritual approaches I could think of to save my two, heroin-addicted sons. I didn’t realize back then that trying to heal their brain disease of addiction through spiritual solutions only was like telling a cancer patient to just pray, read their scriptures, go to church and their tumor would go away. I’m so grateful for the Family Education classes I attended years ago at the Renaissance Ranch that helped me learn that my sons’ needed to learn how to manage their disease of addiction much like a diabetic needs to learn how to manage their disease. Neither did I understand years ago how my frequent negative codependent coping skills had contributed to relationship strain and painful repetitive cycles with my sons, husband, and were also hurting my own potential for growth. My sons have repeatedly told my husband and I they could not have maintained long-term sobriety without support from their family!


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Renaissance Ranch is a one of a kind treatment center that treats the entire family. We believe that addiction affects everyone; fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. We have been helping families heal for 20 years and may God bless you and your family on your recovery journey.

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