Renaissance Ranch

Treatment Questions & Answers

What sets your program apart from other treatment programs?

Our 60-day, all male, brotherhood, and our emphasis on connection coupled with our strong commitment to an ongoing treatment protocol are just some of the unique characteristics of our program that ensure you’ll get an individualized, world class, and comprehensive substance abuse and mental health treatment experience with Renaissance Ranch.

How much treatment time will I receive weekly?

You will generally have: 2 doctors appointments, a 1-hour therapist appointment, a 1-hour-counselor appointment, over 40 hours of groups, as well as activities like Yoga, Fit-To-Recover, Sober Softball, Meditation, Recreational outings, and more every week.

Are there workout facilities?

Yes. At Renaissance Ranch we have an entire building dedicated as a large well equipped gym. In addition, we have a sauna, a basketball court, a pickleball court, a putting green, horseshoes, frisbee golf, a pool table, a ping pong table, a walking track, and other amenities on our 3-acre property that ensure you’ll have options for a good workout.

Are you dual diagnosis?

Yes. As an evidence-based, state-of-the-art, world-class treatment center, it is vital that we have not just a two prong, but a three prong treatment approach. Therefore, at Renaissance Ranch: (1) Trained Addiction Medical professionals will assess and treat medical conditions and complications, (2) Trained mental health professionals will diagnose and treat underlying mental health issues which may perpetuate ongoing disfunction, (3) and trained addiction counselors will treat addiction and dependence issues, ensuring you get a comprehensive treatment experience that addresses not just the addiction but all underlying causes and conditions.

Can I do less than 60 days?

Not typically. Renaissance Ranch has success rates that are triple the national average. A great deal of this is due to the 60-day residential stay followed by outpatient. Therefore, we generally require a 60-day commitment for our residential program.

Do you allow smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco at your facility?

No, but we allow Nicotine pouches (like Zyn), as well as nicotine patches and gum.

Can I have my cell phone in treatment?

No, your cellphone, if brought, will be kept in our security with other contraband property.

Can I have contact with my family while in treatment?

Yes. There are a couple of “blackout” periods at the beginning and end of your treatment stay with Renaissance Ranch, but outside of those, you are allowed a small amount of time everyday for phone calls and a family visit once a week.

Can I have my laptop or other electronic devices while in treatment?

No, at Renaissance Ranch we emphasize “unplugging” from the distractions of the real world and connecting with recovery, the brotherhood, and your higher power. Therefore, electronics are not allowed at Renaissance Ranch other than when necessary for outside business. This will be conducted with our devices and under the supervision of staff.

Do you take medicaid?

No, but if you are planning on becoming employed following treatment there are options for getting off of Medicaid and getting onto Marketplace insurance. Contact your insurance agent or call our admissions line for more details. If you need a medicaid facility, call us and we can refer you to some community partners.

Do you take women?

No, we are an all-male program. We have found that this cut’s down on treatment romances and other ancillary issues that distract co-ed facilities from treating the actual substance abuse and mental health issues that have brought a patient to treatment. If you need a female facility, call us and we can refer you to some community partners.

Do you take adolescents?

No. We are an adult treatment facility. If you need an adolescent facility, call us and we can refer you to some community partners.

Do you have a strong aftercare program and how does your after care program work?

Yes, we have an aftercare program that typically lasts about 6 to 9 months post residential treatment. We do a lot to help our clients stay engaged in recovery including involving them in the fun culture and activities that encompass our Alumni program.

Do you offer a family program and if so, what is available?

Here at the Ranch we view healthy relationships as critical to long-term sobriety. We offer six weekly online zoom family education classes taught from those with personal experience from the spousal, parental, couple, and gender perspectives. We also offer regular Family Recovery Webinars and strive to include the family member in clinical therapy sessions with their addicted loved one when appropriate.

How does the family member contribute to the cycle of addiction?

Research indicates that relationship conflict and addiction are reciprocal, therefore family members seek to work on their own recovery from unhealthy patterns of behavior which might include codependent rescuing, persecuting, or suffering behaviors.

What does a Family Education group involve?

Education on steps, skills, and principles of recovery. We focus on solutions rather than the problem. At the Ranch we have almost as many past family members attending our groups as current client family members. This is because we stress each individual working the same 12-steps that their addicted loved one is working and recovery steps and principles lead to progressive healing and growth for each person willing to engage in the recovery process. This increases awareness of recovery solutions that have worked for others and newcomers learn from other family members who are farther down the road of recovery.

Is there a cost for family members?


Who can we invite to the Family education groups?

All adults over the age of eighteen are welcome. Most of our family groups are also open to the public as we recognize family members as the greatest leverage to help a loved one find treatment, stay in treatment and maintain treatment gains post treatment.

If my loved one leaves treatment can I still attend the Family classes and webinars?

Yes, absolutely as your involvement in the recovery journey and community through working on your own growth is the best thing you can do to help your addicted loved one!