Women’s Online Intensive Outpatient Program

At Renaissance Refuge, we specialize in women’s drug addiction recovery. We understand the unique needs of women with substance abuse disorders. Research shows that women often start using for very different reasons than men, and they respond to different treatments than men, too.

At the Refuge, we zero in on the unique physical, emotional, and mental health needs of women to help them move forward once and for all toward recovery. We do so in a faith-based environment centered on the highly successful 12-step addiction recovery program.

After our 60-day women’s inpatient drug treatment program, the women at the Refuge progress to our eight-month women’s outpatient recovery program.

There are many benefits to participating in this program in-person, but this is not an option for everyone.

For those who cannot attend our outpatient program in Burley, Idaho, we offer an intensive online outpatient program for women.

Women's addiction recovery

Why do Women Choose Online Intensive Outpatient Programs for Addiction Recovery?

After completing our residential program, many women choose to live in our sober living facility and attend our women’s outpatient program in Burley, Idaho. Outpatient services begin with several hours of daily treatment, including group therapy and individual therapy. As patients progress in the program, they continue to attend daily, but for less time per day.

Some women cannot attend outpatient treatment in-person due to:

  • Family responsibilities. We encourage women who are mothers to make arrangements for the care of their children until they have completed our outpatient program. This ensures that they are fully on the pathway to recovery, not part way in, part way out where they could relapse. But some family situations demand that women return early.
  • Job/school demands. While residential treatment requires you to stay at the Refuge full-time, outpatient care allows you to return to work or school while you live either on your own or at our sober living home. But some people have a job or schooling opportunity in a fixed location that is not close to our outpatient program in Burley.

Our online intensive outpatient programs allow women to fulfill their family or professional obligations while still reaping the benefits of our addiction recovery services.

The Benefits of Our Online Outpatient Addiction Recovery Program for Women

Telehealth has been around since the late 1950s, but it really took wings during the pandemic. During the first few months of the pandemic, virtual healthcare interactions for working-age people with private insurance surged from .3% to 23.6%. When we were forced to use this technology, we realized what we had been missing all along. Telehealth worked, sometimes offering more benefits than in-person care.

Our intensive women’s outpatient program offers the same eight months of outpatient services that you would receive in-person. It’s adapted to your need to participate from a distance and presents the following advantages:

  • Removes barriers to care. Family and professional demands stand in the way of many people getting treatment for their addiction. It’s hard to drop out of life and focus on getting well, so many people just plunge deeper and deeper into addiction. With an intensive online outpatient program for women, there are no more excuses. Women can still be present for home and work responsibilities while getting the care they need most.
  • Plugs you into a support circle. Addiction isolates you. You’re using on the sly and withdrawing from the people you love, often in shame. To break free of addiction, you need a tribe of people who are committed to cheering you on and holding you accountable on your road to recovery. The sisterhood at the Refuge provides this community, and our women’s online intensive outpatient program keeps you connected. Through technology, you can participate fully in group therapy and support sessions. You can continue friendships you built during inpatient treatment at the Refuge. You can learn from, laugh with, and draw strength from other women who are on a journey much like yours. Technology can bridge the distance between you and your people.
  • Allows for ongoing mental health therapy. When you ignore mental health issues, you neglect what is often at the heart of women’s addiction. Below the surface, there may be depression, anxiety, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Breaking the cycle of addiction involves addressing these mental health conditions head-on. When you participate in our women’s online intensive outpatient program, you can continue to participate in individual and group therapy sessions just as if you were there in person. We can help you process past traumas that you may have experienced and learn how to develop healthy coping skills to replace substance abuse.
  • Builds faith. As a Christian-based treatment center, the Refuge is built on a foundation of faith. If you’ve felt distant from God and Jesus, it’s time to close the gap. Our treatment is based on the highly successful 12-step program, which helps people with addictions acknowledge their dependence on a higher power. They learn that trying to carry their own burdens is exhausting and fruitless. They learn that it is only through reliance on the Lord that they can overcome. That same faith-based emphasis that underlies residential treatment will form the foundation of your online outpatient experience. You will receive ongoing encouragement to continue the habits that keep you feeling close to the Lord. You can participate in the same 12-step meetings that keep you centered on Him and walking in His spirit.
  • Provides support and accountability. When you leave the contained, structured atmosphere of residential treatment at the Refuge, it can feel like a jungle out there. You may miss the predictability and consistency of residential treatment and feel battered by the ups and downs of life. You may experience challenges at work and in relationships. You may be exposed to the same people you used to do drugs or drink with. They may pressure you to join them once again. And even without those influences, you may be experiencing strong cravings and desires to use. You will have made great progress in residential treatment, and the last thing you want is to lose that. Our women’s online outpatient program will surround you with compassion and support. You’ll be buoyed up by people who understand you and will hold you to the standards of sobriety that you have set for yourself.

What’s the Time Commitment for the Refuge’s Online Outpatient Program for Women?

The outpatient program takes place over eight months. It usually starts with intensive programming involving several hours per day of therapy. You will check in daily for outpatient services throughout the eight-month program, though your daily time commitment will gradually decrease to a few hours per day as you are ready. If, at any time, you need a higher level of care, you can return to a more intensive regimen. This is not a one-size-fits-all program; we will customize it to fit the level of your needs.

Why a Women-Only Online Outpatient Program?

Why not a co-ed program? The simple reason is that women’s addiction recovery needs have been shown to be very different from men’s. Women start using for different reasons than men. Often, those reasons involve trauma from their past. They may also use to start or perpetuate a romantic relationship.

Women’s addictions have been shown to be heavily tied to mental health, so the Refuge places a strong emphasis on helping women work through mental challenges.

And finally, a women’s-only program provides a camaraderie that is essential to addiction recovery. Women who have felt isolated by the wreckage of their addiction learn to form healthy relationships with other women who are pursuing the goal of long-term sobriety. They learn from each other, cheer each other on, and hold each other to a high standard. Women need other women; the Refuge makes this possible in every step of treatment, including outpatient therapy and our ongoing alumni program.

Will my Family Know How to Support Me?

Families are so intricately connected that your addiction has undoubtedly affected, and been affected by, your parents, partner, siblings, etc. We cannot address your substance abuse disorder in a meaningful way without working with your family.

We offer online meetings for family members every night of the week, making it as convenient as possible for them to learn about addiction and how to support you in your recovery. This becomes especially important for women who return to live with family during their time in online outpatient therapy. We want to make sure that you are returning to a family environment that is as supportive as possible.

This may involve addressing emotional wounds that may be hurting you or your family members. Through our online meetings and therapies, we help families work through these pain points to become healthy and happy.

What Comes Next for Women After the Online Intensive Outpatient Program?

The sisterhood at the Refuge will help you through the challenges of addiction recovery, but that sisterhood does not end when you complete our outpatient program. Our parent company, Renaissance Ranch, is known nationally for its thriving men’s alumni program called Band of Brothers. At the Refuge, we bring this same lifelong support structure to the women who complete our program, numbering them among our Sober Sisters.

This alumni program is dedicated to helping women stay strong and accountable. It includes weekly meetings, quarterly retreats, and annual special events. No more pulling away from others into the shadows of addiction. You belong with sisters who, like you, are committed to overcoming every obstacle and reaching every goal—and mentoring others to do the same. You are a Sober Sister for life.

How do I Get Started at the Refuge?

Contact us today to get started with our women’s drug addiction recovery program. Once you start treatment, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Detox. The first step is to get your body clean and stabilized. Our medically-supervised detox program will help rid your body of toxins so that you can respond physically and mentally to treatment. If you’ve tried detox on your own, you know that it is a miserable and discouraging process, but there’s a better way. When you detox on your own, you suffer more than you need to. Our detox process relies on a medically-approved regimen of medications that can mitigate your withdrawal symptoms. Depending on a patient’s physical condition and the extent of their addiction, hospitalization may be required. In these cases, we can help direct you to the appropriate facilities.
  2. Inpatient/residential treatment. The next step is our 60-day inpatient treatment at the Refuge in Heyburn, Idaho. In our beautifully appointed home near the Snake River and in the shadow of Southern Idaho’s stately mountains, you can begin your addiction recovery journey. The Refuge provides a tranquil place for self-reflection and a heavily structured environment to assist you in making life changes. Your days will be filled with mental health therapies to help you work through past trauma and problematic thought patterns, physical fitness, and recreation. We help you center on Jesus Christ through the 12-step program and develop spiritual habits, such as daily prayer, scripture study, and weekly church attendance.
  3. Online outpatient program. This program follows the basic pattern of residential treatment but gives you greater autonomy. You will still be checking in online for daily group therapy and weekly individual therapy, but you will be living on your own and returning to real life responsibilities (such as parenting, work, school, etc.) You will also continue your 12-step meetings to keep you centered on faith.
  4. Optional: Sober living home. Our online outpatient program exists for those who cannot complete the in-person program in Burley, but should your situation change, our sober living home is open to anyone in outpatient therapy. You can live with other women who are pursuing the same goal of staying sober. This provides a very important source of support and accountability.

We are proud to be part of the Renaissance Ranch family of addiction recovery centers. The Ranch received the Best of State award for its addiction recovery services in Utah. We are proud to be bringing these services to Idaho on behalf of women. We understand that online outpatient treatment is the best choice for many women. We have the technology and experience needed to engage our online sisters and provide the same connection they would feel if they were attending in person.

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