Our Services

We are a full-service, and full continuum of care substance abuse and mental health treatment center for adult men. Research has shown and our experience confirms the need to treat the mind, body, spirit, and social support.


Anti-craving, and relapse prevention medications and management of other biomedical and mental health conditions.

Individual Therapy

Weekly sessions with a Mental Health professional that treat the personal underlying issues that have contributed to substance abuse and/or Mental Health issues.

Group Therapy

Daily sessions that treat the triggers and high risk factors contributing to substance abuse and mental health issues and process through the 12-Steps.

Family Therapy

Patients and family members learn communication and boundary-setting skills and discuss codependency and interpersonal relationships building,with the goal of improving dysfunctional relationships.  Also includes live online family education groups for family members to help support and strengthen the relationship with their loved one.

Living Sober Activities

Daily activities that emphasize physical fitness, emotional wellness and social connection through exercise, recreational activities, yoga and other group activities including 12-step meeting attendance.

Recovery Coaching

Weekly sessions with a personal recovery coach that emphasize wellness planning and the building of “recovery capital” by directly addressing daily life planning and emphasizing purpose and meaningful directed goals.

Alumni Services

Support for our patients doesn’t end when they complete their stay at our program. Sobriety is a lifelong journey. The Band of Brothers is our alumni network. This helps establish a foundation and culture of sobriety that permeates every facet of the alumni’s life.The Band of Brothers does a weekly dinner and alumni meeting (including online Zoom meetings) as well as other monthly meetups with alumni where they can socialize and share their experiences. Renaissance Ranch facilitates these meetings, which works great because many of our staff are alumni, themselves. The alumni network at Renaissance Ranch is one component of our culture that is highly unique and helps secure success with our clients.

Family Support Classes

Family support classes are not only for our clients family members, but some classes are also open to the public! We recognize addiction as a multi-generational family illness and recovery as the framework to healing families and stopping the cycle of pain. Please join us soon; do it for yourself and those you love who are battling the brain disease of addiction.