Renaissance Ranch

Real Treatment, Real Results

Testimonials from family members over the years:

“We learned a lot and we appreciate the opportunity and experience. I felt a lot of love, understanding and wisdom. I am grateful for the handouts to take home and study. THANK YOU!!!”

“The retreat has been a great opportunity to express and relieve some of the buried feelings and emotion that has been held inside for so long.  It has been a really good experience overall.”

“I especially like the processing session.  Definitely a good thing to have family members do.”

“The retreat helped me open my heart and give me more insight into the gospel through recovery.  Thank you for that!”

“The retreat has truly been just that; a retreat from the world, from expectations and all other responsibilities.  The ranch is a special, sacred place of healing, learning and truth.  Thank you for this opportunity.”

“The sessions are well set-up, personal, and yet the group setting allows for commonalities to be expressed, thus helping the individual to not feel so alone.  A helpful, healing experience.”

“Thank you for offering this program for the families of addicts.  This has helped me so much.  The staff here is exceptional.  Huge kudos to Kris Groves.  She is God sent and an inspiration. Thank you.”

“Coming to this retreat was something that I contemplated many times… Should I go?  Should I not go?  I am so grateful and happy that I was able to be part of this experience.  It has been incredibly helpful and insightful.”

“Thank you so much.  I am very thankful for Renaissance Ranch and the Famliy Program.  I have felt valued and loved by the staff.”

“This program is wonderful.  So glad I could participate.  Really helped to see that so many things I felt and gone through so many others have as well.”

“One of the most amazing, life changing experiences in my life.  I am eternally grateful for the spirituality and experiences the ranch has given me in my life.”

“Thank you for the time you spent with us this weekend.  These two days have been an experience I will remember forever.  It has truly opened my eyes and shall be a great benefit to my relationships.”

“It was very educational and informative.  All three leaders were very intune and available (emotionally).  I think the more you guys deal with us the better.  CAN’T GET ENOUGH!”

“I appreciate the opportunity the Ranch has offered to me to better understand addiction and new insights into shame based disease.  The spirit has been so amazing. I have learned so much and want to learn more.  Thank you!”

“I felt more emotion in the retreat than I have in years. Right now I feel a relief like I have let go of a secret (weight) I have been carrying.  I feel like I can see a direction to go from here and that direction might take me to recovery.”

“I am so grateful for being part of this retreat.  I have learned so much about myself and my loved one.  This is a wonderful program.”

“Thank you so much for all your hard work this weekend. I believe this retreat is absolutely imperative for all families to heal and move on.  I think the work on inner self and digging deep can start the work to become a stronger/healthier  person.  I think everyone feels so much better when they have people to relate to and understand.  I believe these should be a positive and hopeful ending for all participants.”