Sober Living Home

Sober Living Home For Safety & Accountability

Renaissance Ranch Outpatient Sober Living Home provides a safe and structured environment where clients are able to live while they are enrolled in our outpatient program for addiction recovery. Sober living adds a level of accountability for clients, which is critical in their early sobriety. The home has staff on site morning and night for a total of 4 hours per day. This works well with our regular groups, providing a total of 6-7 hours of supervision and accountability Monday-Thursday and 4 hours from Friday-Sunday. This level of accountability allows Renaissance Ranch staff to know what is going on in our client’s personal lives, including how they are maintaining their sobriety in real life, as well as what is happening with their continued therapy for addiction recovery.

Sober living home
Sober living home

How a Sober Living Home Supports Addiction Recovery

Sober living has been shown to increase the odds of long-term sobriety for addicts and alcoholics in early recovery. Our home enables clients to spend time on a day-to-day basis with others who are striving to reach the same goals. The home is a place where addicts and alcoholics can meet, hang out together, develop relationships and form bonds that are crucial to success in recovery.

Addiction recovery support our sober living requires clients to move through a two-phase system where their benefits increase with their willingness to participate in sober living as well as outpatient. The home has appropriate curfews, wake up times and chores to ensure each client is maintaining a level of accountability that is conducive to recovery.

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