At Renaissance Ranch, our addiction recovery program is based on the principles and practices of the LDS community and has a strong professional staff that provides the most appropriate level of care and counseling tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

We are committed to providing our clients with quality care in a confidential, respectful and loving manner. With many of our staff in recovery, we are able to provide our clients with caring, empathy and understanding. We also provide 24/7 onsite staff.

By utilizing our LDS addiction recovery program and continuum of care, we assess each client at key milestones to determine progress while developing ongoing treatment plans. Our mission is to help each client in the development and realization of their fullest potential. Our drug and alcohol treatment team in Utah has over 100 years of combined experience working in the alcohol and drug addiction field.


Treatment Team:

Rick and Christine Dixon, Family Support Educators

Rick and Christine Dixon, our Family Support Educators, understand firsthand the painful and complex challenges that come to marriages and families who are battling the disease of addiction. They have been heavily involved in educating family members for several years now of the critical importance of family members becoming knowledgeable and implementing the healing principles of addiction. They have served those struggling with addictive behaviors at the prison and local churches for 10 years plus through hundreds of 12 step meetings. They have witnessed many families heal over the years and know firsthand that long term sobriety for addicted loved ones hinges on parents and spouses understanding recovery principles. Christine has her BA in Speech Communications Education from BYU. Rick is a multiple business owner who also oversees/mentors many addiction related treatment centers.

Tyson Dixon, C.E.O LSUDCTyson Dixon

Tyson oversees Renaissance both on a client level and staff level supporting each individual in recovery and managing the overall needs of the company. Tyson has firsthand experience in recovering from the disease of addiction and went through the Renaissance Ranch in 2008 after years of living in the darkness addiction creates. He has years of service involvement with local recovery programs and has also completed the Licensed Substance Abuse Counseling Program at Utah Valley University. Tyson is passionately motivated to help others as he was helped to overcome the deadly disease of addiction. His passion carries through all systems and organizations of Renaissance, truly setting the tone for the Renaissance family. Tyson’s hope is that each individual can find their true light and thrive in Recovery with a program of action.

Preston Dixon, C.O.O.Preston Dixon, Executive Director

What makes Preston a powerful leader in the renaissance ranch family is that he has unrelenting compassion and love for those who’s lives are impacted by the disease of addiction. He has first hand experience and can empathize directly with clients as he was once in their shoes. As such, he has a unique ability to help others in a way that many others can not. With many years of experience in sobriety, combined with high level management, Preston is equipped with many specific skills as a leader that make him a very loved and respected member in the ranch family. His values and morals, honesty and integrity and brotherly kindness reflect those values as well as the treatment approach of renaissance ranch and we are proud to work by his side.

“No fate, no chance, no destiny can circumvent, hinder, nor control the firm resolve of a determined soul.” -J.S.

Alema Harrington, ASUDC, Media Relations

Alema Harrington says that he is a broadcaster by profession and works in addiction recovery because it’s his passion. Alema graduated from BYU where he was a member of the 1984 National Championship team and as a broadcaster he has covered the biggest events in Utah Sports including the NBA finals with the Jazz, The final four with the Utes and the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Harrington is active in the community and has worked as a volunteer at the youth corrections facilities in Utah teaching classes on addiction recovery. A recovering addict himself, Harrington earned his Substance Use Disorder Counselor (SUDC) degree from Utah Valley University in 2013. He is currently writing a book about his journey in recovery. He hopes to inspire purpose for those who have crossed similar paths in life.

Wendy Patton, Executive Administrative Director

Wendy Patton is a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor with the State of Utah. She has worked in the field of addiction since 2004 with men and women in outpatient and residential treatment working mostly with the under-served populations. She has been a certified DUI instructor and has also volunteered to assist victims of domestic violence. Prior to working in the fields of addiction Wendy worked with adolescents that were placed out of their homes. Wendy has dealt with addiction and trauma in her own life and is sensitive to the clients who enter our doors with loss of self and worth. She believes in a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual sobriety and recovery. Finding balance in all aspects of life, to seek and to find forgiveness and utilizing tools to let go of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. Wendy is the Executive Administrative Director of outpatient and residential programs of the Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers. Wendy is married and has a combined 10 children and has 20 grandchildren.

Christian R Smith, Executive Director of Marketing

Christian has worked in the recovery community for the past 6 years. He worked for Steps Recovery, Maple Mountain Recovery and Renaissance Ranch. He opened Inspire Addiction Recovery in 2015 and recently partnered with Renaissance Ranch for Women in Bluffdale Utah. He graduated from the University of Utah and began a career in marketing in the medical device industry where he worked for 15 years. During that time Christian began to fall into the “flaxen cords” of addiction. He struggled with addiction for 25 years before he would find his own recovery. He is the father of four and the grandfather to two grandchildren. He and his wife Kelle recently celebrated 35 years of marriage. He and his entire family have a passion for recovery. He often says; “I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone…but, I wouldn’t trade it for the world”.

Dave Callister, LCSW, Executive Clinical Director

Dave graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Social Work. In addition to his formal education, he has been in recovery from substance dependence since 1999. During his own struggle with addiction, Dave found light and purpose through the 12-step program, and has been passionate about sharing the message of hope and healing ever since. He has worked with youth, adults, and families suffering from addiction and mental illness at multiple programs including LifeLine For Youth, Lakeview Hospital, University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI), and Renaissance Ranch Residential and Outpatient Programs. Aside from his work, Dave loves the outdoors, playing golf, spending time with family, and listening to music and playing the guitar.

Chris Scott, Medical Director, CMHC

I was born and raised is Price, Utah. I grew up with the gospel being taught in my home and from an early age was taught to have faith in the lord. When I was 11 and was accidentally shot and paralyzed from the waist down. After my recovery I struggled with self-love, pride, and shame. I blamed my heavenly father for being in a wheelchair. During this time i started to use drugs got in trouble with the law. All I wanted to do was not feel and to laugh and have fun. When i was 17 I was blessed enough to have a spiritual awakening and to have a want to change my life and become someone that contributed to this world rather than someone that only took from it. This is where my recovery began. I did not get sober at this point in time but the seed of change was planted. I have been married for the last 15 years of my life and she is my greatest supporter. I started attending college shortly after being married and got an associates in science from the College of Eastern Utah. I then went on to Utah State University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation. In 2006 I started a job in recreational therapy with youth at risk. I worked and building ropes course elements ran groups. It was at this point in time in my life that I decided I would go back to school and get a masters degree. I also should note that emotionally I was still very unstable and needed to do a lot of my own work to address my shame, guilt, anger, and trauma. In november of 2010, I started working at the State hospital once again as a recreational therapist. I worked there with the patients and during the evenings I went to school, went to therapy, and worked at an outpatient IOP program. This was my first taste of addictions and I fell in love with the clients and people I was able to work with. In 2014 i was able to get a position at a residential treatment center and was able to work with some of the very best therapists in the business of treating addictions. I continue to work on my self in therapy and most importantly I was able to build a relationship with my heavenly father and started to live my life in accordance with values. My love for addictions has continued to grow. In August of 2015 I left Steps Recovery and started working with a group of people that I admire and look up to and Inspire Addiction Recovery. I worked with the owners and clinical director to help set up the program. Currently, I am the Clinical director at Renaissance Ranch Womens. I have a great deal of compassion for women and the abuse and trauma that most of them have gone through. I also love to see what I call the lights turning on. I feel like my role is to help clients learn to Trust The Process, have faith in a higher power, and clean their emotional house.

Bryan Hedin, Executive Director

Bryan has been in the treatment field for 7 years with experience in case management, culinary, alumni coordination, operations, management, marketing, admissions, and now directing. He also oversees operations at Renaissance Ranch IOP in Farmington Utah as the Executive Director. Bryan is in recovery from drug addiction himself and is a Renaissance Ranch Alumni since 2008. Bryan has witnessed what recovery can do for the individual and the family, spending time in the community advocating for addiction treatment, wellness and healing. Bryan is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and believes in the grace and power of the 12 steps as the blueprint for a new way of living. Bryan’s passion is helping men and women find their light, and true selves again.

Lindsay Titus, Executive Director, SUDC

Lindsay Titus has been traveling the happy road of recovery for over five years, as well as worked in the substance use treatment field for three. Lindsay completed the substance use disorder counseling program at Utah Valley University in 2013 and enjoys attending conferences and continuing her education to increase her ability in serving and assisting the still suffering addict. Lindsay has been at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient since the conception in December 2012 and has loved being a part of something so much greater than herself. She is passionate about empowering women and utilizing her knowledge with community oriented systems of care to better assist her clients. Lindsay is dedicated to this great cause and we love having her as a part of our team.

Hanna LeBaron, LCSW

Hanna LeBaron has been working in the substance abuse field since 2000, inspired by her own recovery. Hanna is passionate about recovery and always looking for better and more effective ways to help her clients. Hanna is a fun presenter and a caring therapist. She knows variety of evidence-based methods in treating addiction such as CBT, DBT and EMDR DeTUR triggers treatment. Hanna uses empowerment, resilience training and motivation enhancement in treading her clients. Hanna graduated Master in Social Work from University of Utah in 2013 and past four years she has been trained in trauma treatment. Hanna is EMDR certified. Her special passion and expertise is in helping clients with dual diagnosis, especially complex trauma. She has had great results treating clients suffering from developmental trauma and borderline personality disorder. Hanna works with individuals, families and couples..

Dr. Terry L. Sellers, Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

Dr. Terry L. Sellers received his medical degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and completed an OB/GYN residency at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. Dr. Sellers practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology in Provo, UT for 12 years, delivering over 6,000 babies. Years of migraine headaches sparked his addiction to pain medications. He spent many years suffering with a desire to stop using opiates and the inability to do so. He ultimately decided to get help by enrolling in substance abuse treatment and gave up his lifestyle of being a solo obstetrician. He now has 14 years of recovery from drug addiction and is rigorously active in the recovery community. Living a recovery lifestyle for the past decade and a half has created a new perspective on life and what is important to him and he is now able to work in the addiction field as a Board Certified Addiction Medicine Physician.