We accept most insurances.


Clients must be 18 years of age or older.


Male and Female


When appropriate, a minimum of 72 hours of detoxification is required prior to admission. We can make referrals for you for any detoxification needs you have. We also require a thorough medical history and physical exam prior to admission. Our medical doctor can provide the physical exam and medical clearance, if needed.


We do not admit anyone with a violent or sexual offense on their record. Each client must provide a BCI (background check) prior to admission.


We provide treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as well as other substance abuse addictions.


We are an LDS-based Christian alcohol treatment and drug rehab program. We use the traditional 12 Step approach to treatment combined with gospel principles as they relate to addiction. We believe that true recovery includes spiritual healing. We ask that all clients seeking treatment at Renaissance Ranch be open to this aspect of their addiction recovery. Individuals seeking treatment at Renaissance Ranch are not required to be members of the LDS faith. Our staff and our program is respectful of all religious backgrounds.


Each individual will be expected to have a sincere desire for sobriety and to fully participate in all programs.

Admission Process:

  • Full medical clearance
  • Negative drug test
  • Background check verification
  • First month of funding

We do have a specific list of items that you are required to bring once you have been accepted into our program.

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