Women who come through Renaissance Ranch experience recovery from substance abuse addiction at our program in Bluffdale, Utah. We offer a separate drug treatment program called Renaissance Ranch for Women that provides a unique, clinically-driven, spiritually-based approach to drug rehabilitation. Part of that process includes a gender-specific therapeutic program that provides the appropriate setting for women to deal directly with their substance abuse issues.   Our gender-specific therapeutic community provides a safe, healing environment for each client. Research has shown that women respond differently to substance abuse treatment than men and that programs for women are more successful when they focus on relationships with other people and offer ways for the women to master their lives while keeping those relationships intact.   Because of these findings, we have created a program that assesses the unique needs of women such as relationships with their partners, families and children, and their history of physical and sexual abuse.  According to research, over 80% of women who struggle with substance abuse have suffered from abuse issues in the past. Women need to be in a safe environment so that they can address these issues.  Getting to these core issues is a necessary step on their road to recovery.   At Renaissance Ranch for Women, our program utilizes the 12 Steps, the Therapeutic Community, experiential therapy, equine therapy, individual and group therapy in a setting compatible with women’s needs.  We focus on the importance of social relationships and take into account gender roles and female socialization. Our program supports active, interdependent roles for women.  It also addresses women’s unique treatment issues in the areas of trauma, shame, coping mechanisms and self-worth.   We also incorporate the foundational role of spirituality in recovery.   Experience and research have shown that an effective group program for women must deal with the issues specific to their recovery and create a safe and nurturing environment based on mutuality, empathy, respect and compassion.  At Renaissance Ranch, we foster these traits in our clients because we know that they are vital to their long-term recovery from addiction. Contact us to learn more information about admission into our gender-specific drug treatment centers in Utah.   Call now 1.855.736.7262.