The Renaissance Ranch Outpatient Program offers outpatient treatment programs for individuals suffering from an addiction to alcohol or substance abuse. We also offer a residential treatment program for those individuals who require a more intense level of therapy.

Initial Assessment

When we perform our initial assessment with the client, one of our licensed clinicians will determine the intensity of therapy that the client requires. If they require a more intensive program than our initial outpatient program, we will advise them sign-up for one of our gender specific residential recovery programs.

World-Class Treatment Facilities

Our gender-specific residential facilities are separate from our outpatient treatment programs, located in both Bluffdale and St. George. This is where we’ll give the intensive long-term care that is necessary for an addicted individual to have a constantly safe and supportive environment. Our residential locations offer the same exact 12-step Gospel principle program that we offer at our outpatient locations.

Intensive Program

This intense residential program requires a 60-day stay in one of our residential locations, which is then followed by a 90-day aftercare program. This residential program removes the outside distractions, creating a safe environment for the client to fully recover. In addition, it provides the client and their family a much needed break from the stresses of dealing with the addiction in everyday life.

To ask for an assessment and see which treatment program is right for you or your loved one, call us today.

Women’s Program

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