Alumni Support

Many of us here at Renaissance Ranch understand and know firsthand the battles that come with fighting substance abuse and addiction. Ultimately, this creates an atmosphere where our staff can help patients from a perspective of empathy and understanding.

Those who have completed our program and who are successfully living in recovery also want to help those who are fighting addiction. Many of our alumni leave treatment with a deep desire to share their experiences with others who might benefit from the insights that they can offer. From these individuals you can glean strength and inspiration, which will ultimately fuel your own recovery. We are honored to share some of their stories here on our own website. You can read some of our clients’ testimonials here, or can hear their stories firsthand here.

Alumni Support

When you receive treatment for an addiction with Renaissance Ranch, you become part of a much larger support system made up of understanding staff, alumni, and current clients who are facing the very same battles that you are. This support system will help keep you on the path to recovery and will motivate you to keep fighting—even at those times when you might begin to lose hope. It also means that you’ll never be alone in your recovery. Ultimately, our staff, alumni, and clients will work together to help you overcome addiction. After completing our program, you may very well find that you want to share your story of successful recovery with others, bringing your journey full circle.

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Addiction recovery at Renaissance Ranch is much more than treatment for an addiction; it’s a holistic approach that offers you spiritual, psychological, and physical healing, helping you to put an end to addiction once and for all.