Being Relentless in Pursuit of Recovery

Jan 13, 2022

We have the decision to pursue recovery; we can either stay in our mode of self-destruction or fight to recover from addiction to alcohol and/or other substances. Seeking recovery requires fighting every moment we meet with a trigger or experience stress. Finding healing requires an unrelenting attitude; we must be relentless in pursuing recovery.

Optimism in Recovery

Part of attacking recovery with a relentless attitude requires a belief in recovery and yourself. You must believe you can succeed. When others speak doubt, the time has come for you to boldly say, “Just watch me.” The Nike motto of “Just Do It” comes in handy when pursuing recovery. Just do the steps. Just make the call. Just focus on what you want. 

Just believe you are capable of achieving recovery. While recovery takes time and effort, recovery is never impossible. Having hope is an essential part of recovery. You must believe in yourself, and if you are surrounded by those who doubt your success, the time may have come to change people, places, and things. You need optimists, not naysayers, in your life.

Optimists in our lives help us to remain positive. When surrounded by those who believe in our ability to succeed, we are more likely to believe in ourselves. We suddenly tend to be optimistic, and optimism helps us maintain a relentless attitude. 

Operating With Gratitude

Research has shown time and time again the value of gratitude on our functioning. Gratitude has been shown to improve mood, functioning, and a willingness to keep pursuing one’s dreams in the face of obstacles. The beginning of achievement starts with recovery, and recovery begins by recognizing the positives in our lives and the parts of our lives we want to make positive.

Part of developing gratitude can include journaling. Professionals in the human services field have found journaling every evening is helpful in recovery. Also, persons in recovery have voiced how effective journaling is in helping them stay on track, learn from mistakes, and make plans to improve. One part of this journaling is an element of gratitude for their healing and positive decision-making. We can be grateful for every good decision and the small things in our lives we might take for granted.

Using Personal Strength

Being relentless results from personal inner strength built from gratitude and a belief in our abilities. We may view our strengths as limited; however, the belief of our inadequacies to overcome addiction is a lie. We are capable of overcoming addiction to alcohol and/or other substances.

A study focused on boosting well-being shows how happiness requires both a will and a way. One’s willingness to overcome addiction must be relentless. The study explains how a desire to overcome adversity and unhappiness requires focusing on helping others. Helping others allows us to help ourselves. 

Overcoming addiction to alcohol and/or other substances requires investing in the process of recovery. Investing in the process means admitting the problem, asking for help, and recognizing you have the power to make a change in every decision you make. Being happy requires effort, and as a result, recovery involves effort.

Being Mindfully Relentless

The idea of taking recovery one day at a time is often spoken in recovery circles and by treatment professionals focused on addiction. Focusing on overcoming addiction to alcohol and/or other substances requires focusing on the future and what you want to happen, but understanding you can only pursue those goals by making positive decisions today, one day at a time. 

You are being mindful when you are focusing on the moment. Focusing on the moment allows you to tackle each trigger and stressor individually without obsessing over the future. You can decide on how to cope in that moment. As you learn to cope with each trigger, you grow stronger and discover your inner strength. Identifying your strengths allows you to focus on your future and develop resilience. 

Things to Remember

You are capable of overcoming addiction to alcohol and/or other substances. Your problems do not define you, and you have the power to become the person you want to be. However, you must claim that person and be relentless in your pursuit of a better life. 

We cannot find happiness or recovery by maintaining a belief in our inadequacies. Instead, we must claim our strengths and focus on our abilities to be the persons we were created to be. Each of us has a purpose, and our purpose is not found in addiction, but by pursuing the dreams and goals we have for a better life.

Recovery requires a relentless spirit. We cannot achieve our purpose when stuck in behaviors belittling our lives and who we were meant to be. Struggling with an addiction to alcohol and/or other substances does not need to define you. You deserve a better life, and you can have a better life. At Renaissance Ranch, we recognize your inner strength and encourage you to harness that strength as you build recovery into your life. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction to alcohol and/or other substances, healing is available. We have people waiting for your phone call. You do not have to struggle alone. Believe recovery is possible, and call us today. At Renaissance Ranch, we offer hope and healing for every step of the recovery process, beginning with detoxification. We also provide residential and outpatient services and a sober living home. Please call us today at (801) 308-8898 and learn how we can help.