Believe You Have a Purpose

Oct 26, 2021

Romans is one of those books in the New Testament that reminds us of God’s purpose in the world and our own lives. In Romans 8:28, we learn that God promises to make something good out of our storms. The season of addiction to alcohol and/or other substances is a storm. You are blessed to still be alive. Do you believe that your Higher Power intended for you to survive for no reason? Of course not. You have a purpose. Our Higher Power intends for you to live that purpose, and there are three main intentions for our lives that can help ensure we achieve our purpose.

Three of Our Higher Power’s Intentions

When we look at our lives through the lens of addiction and mental illness, we see no future, no purpose. We see endless suffering. However, that is not our Higher Power’s intent for our lives. He intends love, boldness, and growth in our lives, so we can accomplish our purpose.

#1. Show Love

Our Higher power intends for us to love and be loved. Part of this includes loving ourselves. If we cannot love ourselves, then we will not see purpose in our existence. The Bible commands that we love others as we love ourselves. Hearing this adage is frustrating because loving others seems easier than loving ourselves. We can see the good in others much more easily than in ourselves. Self-loathing is not uncommon when you use alcohol and/or other substances. Sometimes, you may have found yourself using alcohol and/or other substances to shut out the negative self-talk for a few minutes. However, you know of your value on some deep level. You know you deserve love. Because you are commanded to love others as you love yourself, you can know your Higher Power knows you are lovable and He wants to embrace you, showing you how valued you are.

#2. Be Bold

Go boldly in this world. You were not created to be a silent participant, but a bold adventurer. Alcohol and/or other substance use has rendered you passive. Your Higher Power never intended passivity for your life. He wanted you to be an active participant in changing the world. He wanted you to “ARISE” and “BE STRONG.” He wanted you to fight for your life and the lives of others. Part of recovery is being bold. You need to be bold enough to face the addiction and fight it. By being bold in recovery, you are also practicing courage. You were made to be bold and live out your purpose.

#3. Allow Yourself to Grow

Growth is necessary for recovery and happens quickly. The decision to enter recovery shows tremendous growth and courage. Growth keeps happening in recovery. Actually, in life, growth is always happening. We do not tend to notice growth very often, but growth is always occurring. Your Higher Power intended growth for you and for you to keep getting stronger and bolder. You will, but you have to allow yourself to grow. Part of growing means doing the hard work of recovery. You can do the work because you are stronger than you know.

Things to Remember

Loving yourself, being bold, and willingness to grow are all reasons to keep going in times when you feel like there is no point and you have no reason to stay sober. You are intended for great things. You were created for a unique purpose. There is no one else like you, nor anyone else who can complete your purpose.

Your Higher Power wants you to focus on good things about yourself, aligning yourself with positive attributes. As you go into recovery, you will discover your ability to love yourself more and more. Suddenly, you will realize that you are as deserving of love as everyone else. You were not created to be detested, but to be embraced by your Higher Power and your brothers.

As you realize your worth, you begin to learn to be bold. As you become bolder, you can grow into the man you were created to be. Finally, when you know you have a purpose, you can actualize that purpose. In truth, we may never know our God-given purpose.  Your purpose exists, though. By practicing doing good for yourself and showing love to others, you can fulfill your purpose without recognizing your accomplishment.

We never know our full impact on the world, which is why our love for ourselves and others is so important. One thing to remember is: you were created for a purpose. Do you really think your Higher Power made you for no reason? Absolutely not.

Ezra 10:4 says: “Arise, for it is your task and we are with you. Be strong and do it.”

You have an amazing purpose and finding your purpose is but one reason for recovery. If you or someone you know is in need of help recovering from abuse of alcohol and/or other substances, the time has come to show love and be bold in asking for help. At Renaissance Ranch, we offer assistance for every step of the recovery process. You are not alone. We offer a clinically driven and gospel-centered approach to recovery, starting with detoxification, followed by offering support in sober living and providing a network of alumni when you have completed our program. Recovery is lifelong, as is your purpose. The time has come for you to start loving yourself and seek out healing so you can find your purpose. If you are interested in our program or have questions, reach out to Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898 to begin the process of healing. You deserve help and hope.