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Expressing Your Creativity in Recovery

May 20, 2022

Life is full of struggles, disappointments, and hardships. In the midst of chaos, it is important to engage in activities that lift your spirits and allow you to release tension and stress. Expressing yourself through creativity is an excellent way to cope during difficult times and can be therapeutic. Activities that allow you to express your creativity can often serve as a brief escape. This could be an escape from stress, a harsh reality, or even just a break from what may feel like a way of life that is brand new to you. Adding some form of creative expression to your routine during treatment and recovery can be very advantageous. 

Are You Creative?

Some of us may enjoy artistic activities such as painting or poetry writing, while others may cringe at the thought of having to pick up a paintbrush or create something. The truth is, we all have some sort of ability to create. It may be deep within, but it exists! Did you make your breakfast this morning? Maybe you re-arranged your closet today. You created something! Whether you followed a simple recipe or arranged your shirts by color, you utilized your ability to create something new or give something a new look.  

Essentially, we all have some creativity within us. Often it just requires a little nudging to surface. Creativity can look very different for different folks. For instance, when you think of a creative person you often think of an artist who paints or sketches. Consider photographers, potters, chefs, or even fashion designers. So many hobbies and careers fall under the creative category. Which of these do you enjoy?

Ways to Express Your Creativity

Creative outlets can be healing at times when you need a break from battles you may be facing. During treatment and throughout recovery, having the ability to express your creativity through an avenue that you enjoy can serve you well. Identifying an activity that you enjoy can be difficult, but consider your hobbies and ways in which you might be able to put a creative spin on them. 

For example, if you enjoy cooking, consider creating a new recipe for something you love. Experiment a bit until you get it just right. Maybe you love to journal. Writing can be an excellent avenue for expressing your thoughts and feelings. Spice things up a bit and try writing a poem. If you love plants, spending some time potting plants or arranging a garden or green space could be an excellent expression of your creativity. 

Benefits of Creative Expression

Studies have found creativity to be a valuable addition to therapeutic experiences. Being creative can improve your mood and positivity, reduce stress, and decrease anxiety for some. There is something about completing a project that you created with your own hands that is very gratifying. 

Possibly even more beneficial to your mental health is the creative process itself. Engaging in a creativity-sparking activity can serve as a healthy escape from everyday stress or situational challenges that you may be facing. After battling with drug or alcohol addiction, you may feel as if you need something to replace the things you used to spend time doing. Participating in something, alone or in a group, that allows you to express yourself creatively may be a perfect replacement. You might be surprised by all the various, simple things that can be adapted to utilize your creative abilities. 

Creativity During Treatment

It is no secret that treatment, while a wonderful and transformative time, can be stressful and challenging. Incorporating opportunities for creative expression is a great way to cope with stress while expressing your thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be difficult to convey. A few activities to incorporate during treatment and recovery could include:

  • Journaling
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Painting
  • Photography

All of the above activities can be easily added to your weekly routine and can be surprisingly healing and enjoyable. Balancing other therapies and social groups with some creative activities can promote healthy habits moving forward and encourage self-expression through various outlets. 

Expressing yourself during this time can be difficult. You may be feeling isolated, guilty, and even ashamed. At times, you may feel very disconnected from yourself and be unsure of how to convey the way you may be thinking or feeling. Allowing your creativity to do the talking and expression for you can help. Working on some creative goals daily can boost your positive thinking and help keep you motivated and on track during treatment and recovery. 

Do you have a creative outlet? Spending some time engaging in activities that allow for creative expression daily can significantly improve your mood and mental health. Activities could include things like journaling, gardening, or even cooking. Incorporating such activities during treatment and recovery can allow for an escape from stressors and struggles and leave you feeling proud and accomplished. Renaissance Ranch strives to incorporate various recreational activities to encourage positive lifestyle changes and promote a holistic approach to recovery. If you or someone you love is battling drug or alcohol addiction, consider calling us to learn more about our treatment options and programs. With a variety of services to choose from, you can easily find something that best meets your unique needs. We would love to help you turn your life around so you can become the best version of yourself again. Call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.