Renaissance Ranch

Family Retreat

As part of the therapeutic process in our Family Program at Renaissance Ranch, we offer the Family Retreat that takes place over three days and enables family members to experience their own treatment process and increase self awareness and emotional healing.

Family retreat

Our Family Retreat begins with an orientation and introductions on Thursday night. There is a question and answer period during that time for family members to receive more information about what they can expect during the retreat.

Friday, families will be educated about the family systems model of addiction and codependency. They are introduced to alumni from our family group who have been working on their own recovery and will share their experience, strength and hope. We include some experiential exercises to deepen the impact of this work.

Saturday, family members will address their personal awareness issues from the day before and work with a therapist to process through and gain personal strength and commitment to continue to move forward in their personal healing.

The conclusion of the weekend includes a forgiveness and amends workshop and a gratitude process group.

The Family Retreat experience will address several topics relevant to each participant’s personal recovery. The topics we discuss include but are not limited to the following:

  1. The 12 steps and how to get involved in a support group.
  2. Codependency and its many faces and aspects and how to treat it.
  3. The disease concept of shame and how it impacts the family.
  4. Journaling, Bibliotherapy, Spirituality and the 12 steps, and Character Defects and the nightly inventory.
  5. A group therapy session in which participants will have the opportunity to experience their own personal growth and healing.

Our hope is that as family members participate in our Family Program, they will start on a path of recovery for themselves separate from and independent of their loved one’s situation. This emotional healing allows the family to move together toward a more peaceful and connected way of dealing with all aspects of life.