Family Weekend Workshop

As part of the therapeutic process, we hold a family retreat. The family retreat consists of a two day personal experience in which family members will be invited to engage in their own recovery work.  

This experience will address several topics relevant to your personal and family recovery journey. The topics we discuss will include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. The 12-steps and how to involve yourself in a support group.
  2. Codependency and its many faces, aspects, and how to treat it.
  3. The disease concept of shame and how it impacts the family.
  4. Journaling, bibliotherapy, spirituality, character defects, and the nightly inventory.
  5. A group therapy session in which you will have the opportunity to experience your own personal growth and healing.  Our hope is that this will start you on a path of recovery for yourself, separate from and independent of your addicted loved one’s situation.
Family Weekend Workshop