Farmington Family Program

At Renaissance Ranch, we’ve found that the success of a recovering addict is directly correlated to the supportive involvement of their family during the healing process. It’s because of this that we offer a program that includes the entire family. We strive to educate families on what addiction is, how it interferes with normal brain function, and the best ways to give support to your addicted loved ones.

The Renaissance Outpatient Family programs in Farmington will include not only weekly classes and therapy for the entire family, but access to our regular workshops, and a 12-step family support program. We believe that addiction affects not only an individual, but their family and those people closest to them. By including the family in the healing process, we’ll aid you in the rediscovery of the loving familial relationships you had before the addiction took over. We’ll educate every member of the family, creating an effective treatment for the addict and their entire family.

Our Family Service Include The Following: 

  • An Introduction to a 12-step family support program
  • Comprehensive family workshops
  • Family education classes and groups every single week
Farmington Family Program