Finding Satisfaction and Everyday Peace in Routines

Dec 6, 2022

For some people, having a strict daily routine is the cornerstone of well-being. These people thrive in the everyday acts that drive them forward and enjoy even the mundanity. For them, routines bring everyday peace.

For others, having a routine that has to be followed can be a weight around their necks. They may feel that a structured schedule ties them down too much and crushes spontaneity. For people like this, experiencing the unknown is its own reward. However, even people who don’t like to have a structured routine still have certain tasks they do without thinking about them. There may even be everyday, mundane tasks they accomplish that they enjoy doing. 

On occasion, we all have spent a cool autumn morning out in the yard raking the leaves and felt the serenity and peace of being in nature. Many of us have felt a sense of accomplishment from changing a tire or replacing the oil in a car.

Having a routine is more than just having something to do every day. Taking care of your responsibilities is itself a form of self-care. Having structure can make you more productive, improve your focus, and help you get and stay organized. 

The Importance of Following a Routine for Everyday Peace

Having a routine and regular tasks we accomplish every day can help us in more ways than keeping our house and yard clean. Some of the simple things you can add to your daily routine to improve your mental health and reduce stress include:

  • Getting and staying active through exercise
  • Making sure you are sleeping a full eight hours
  • Preparing healthier, scheduled meals
  • Setting and accomplishing goals
  • Preparing for what you can so that you are able to handle the unexpected
  • Taking time for the things you enjoy

When your metaphorical house is in order, you can be better prepared to handle the unexpected. You will find that when you have completed daily tasks, stress doesn’t come so easily when you receive that unexpected assignment from work or school.

The fact is, we experience peace during the day when we are happy with the environment we are in. Research shows that there is a definitive link between our perception of our current accomplishments and our feeling about how our lives are turning out. When you are happy with where you are, it shows in your outlook on life. 

Wellness and Everyday Peace in Tasks

Developing a routine is one of the most important ways we can find satisfaction in life. There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishing a goal and feeling the satisfaction of a job well done. The best part is we get to live in the environment we create. When it is a happy one, we are happy to be there.

You have probably heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” When we say this, we are talking about a routine of staying healthy. Health in nutrition, fitness, and mental health are all essential to keep in mind as we seek everyday peace.

Creating a routine is a lifestyle change for those of us who do not seek the repetition of everyday tasks. While it may seem like a slog, you would be surprised how quickly you find yourself doing these everyday things without thinking. Changing your perspective can make all of the difference. A routine a day can keep the doctor away.

The Health Benefits of Everyday Routines

We can all probably agree that having a good life is a lot about having a good balance. An everyday routine is fine, but we also want to leave room for spontaneity and choice. Sometimes the unexpected, like an unexpected invitation to the movies or the county fair, can brighten our day.

Every one of us is different and unique in our own ways. Because we are very different people, and we think very differently from one another, our ideas of balance will be as diverse as we are. However, when we are overcoming the many challenges life can throw at us, balance becomes very important. Balance offers us the stability we need to overcome emotional disturbances, stresses, sicknesses, and trauma.

Sometimes our routines include the roles we play in our lives. Other times, they are the roles we play in others’ lives. Our roles define us, bring us everyday peace, and help us create who we are and our purpose. That is the power of having a routine.  

How Good Habits Create a Happier Life

We often don’t consider the health challenges that can come from not having a routine. Some of these challenges can include:

  • Increased stress, as we worry about how to “get it all done”
  • Sleep deprivation, as we spend too much time trying to catch up and not enough time resting
  • Bad nutrition habits, as we embrace unhealthy diets and fast-food meals in our effort to accomplish our long lists of to-dos
  • Deteriorating physical condition, as exercise requires planning and routine
  • Bad time management since we are always running out of time without a routine

The fact is that a routine can significantly benefit your mental and physical health. We all want to be calm and centered, and routines bring us the everyday peace we seek. Some of the benefits of routines include:

  • Lower anxiety and stress because we can better manage our lists of tasks with a routine
  • More and better sleep because everything is accomplished on time and we have time for relaxation and rest
  • Better nutrition and physical condition since we have time to plan our meals and exercise
  • Setting a good example for others who see how happy we are with our routines 

As you navigate the world as an alumnus of the program, you no doubt know that stresses are everywhere. However, you can find everyday peace by embracing a regular routine. Routines help you to plan for the unexpected by preparing for what you can expect. Routines and task management are tools in your recovery toolkit that you can use to stay sane in a chaotic world. By scheduling chores and work, you can find that you have the bandwidth for social time and rest, with better engagement than ever before. When you need some help organizing your life, remember your peers and counselors at Renaissance Ranch are here for you. When you need us, call (801) 308-8898.