Finding the Courage to Seek Treatment

Sep 16, 2022

Seeking treatment for substance abuse can be very scary. Not only is it unsettling to admit that you have a problem and need help, but knowing about the changes that lie ahead can be a little intimidating. Despite your fears, it is important to know when it is time to get help and muster up the courage to seek it. 

Waiting until the last minute to seek treatment only prolongs the inevitable. Once substance use disorder (SUD) is developed and you are addicted to a substance like alcohol, benzos, or opioids, you are causing long-term damage to your mind and body. The sooner you begin treatment and start healing, the better.

While there are many different indicators that may suggest it is time to seek treatment, there are a few common signs that it may be time to pick up the phone and call for help. These include:

  • Your addiction has become your priority
  • You no longer have control over your thoughts or actions
  • Your addiction is causing problems in other areas of life
  • You are causing harm to yourself or others

Your Addiction Is Your Priority

When your addiction has become your number one priority, it is probably time to seek help. As addiction progresses, other things in life seem to feel and become less important. For example, your job, your family, friends, and hobbies seem to be of less value to you during this time.

Addiction has a way of distracting you from everything that used to matter. Your sole focus will likely be on obtaining the substance you are addicted to. You will struggle to focus on tasks at work, you might struggle to sleep, and you may appear distracted or disinterested in those around you. When this becomes the case, and your main priority and motivation is your addiction, it is definitely time to seek treatment.

You Have Lost Control

Losing control of your thoughts and actions is a difficult thing. This is very common when it comes to substance abuse. You may be very aware of the harm you’re causing to yourself and others, but are still unable to stop using.

Withdrawal symptoms can be very intense, only fueling your desire to continue using opioids, benzos, alcohol, or other substances. When you feel the desire to stop but can’t seem to follow through, it may be time to seek treatment.

Your Addiction Is Causing Problems

It is no secret that substance use often causes problems in many other areas of life. You might start to see your performance decline at work, and may even lose your job. Other complications could include increased conflict with your spouse or partner or increased tension with family members and friends.

Addiction can cause you to be dishonest, unreliable, and difficult to be around. Loved ones and friends might even bring this to your attention. You may struggle with making and maintaining friendships and you might even have difficulty with day-to-day interactions with those around you.

Substance use can often result in financial issues as well. Depending on what you are using, drugs and alcohol can be very expensive. It is common to see those struggling with addiction have a hard time paying their bills or maintaining other financial responsibilities. When you begin to notice these consequences of your addiction, it is definitely time to reach out for help.

You are Harming Yourself or Others

If you are struggling with substance abuse, it kind of goes without saying that you are causing harm to yourself by putting toxins in your body. However, you might also be putting yourself in risky or dangerous situations in order to get and use drugs or alcohol. Addiction increases the risk of trauma for this reason. 

Sometimes, you may even endanger the ones around you as a result of your addiction. Substances can alter the way in which you think and behave, often causing you to act in a way that may be out of character. Even the people you care for most can be negatively impacted by your substance use.

If you find yourself noticing any of these signs or symptoms present as a result of your substance use, it is time to seek treatment. At Renaissance Ranch, you will undergo a detox process that will rid your body of substances and provide you with a clean slate to enter treatment and begin your recovery journey. Knowing what to look for and how to identify whether you have an addiction that needs treatment is key.

Finding the courage to seek treatment can be hard. Admitting you need help is half of the battle. It is important to be clear on what to look for when you are determining whether it is time to seek help for yourself or a loved one. Some signs could include a shift in priorities, loss of control, problems at work or home, and causing harm to oneself or others as a result of substance use. If any of these signs are present, it is time to find the courage to get help. At Renaissance Ranch, we will guide you every step of the way. We will help you overcome your fears regarding treatment and help you find peace in your decision to make a change. If you or someone you care about is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we can help. Call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.