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Five Ways to Kickstart Your Recovery

Jul 6, 2022

Substance addiction takes away the connection people have with themselves and others. As a result, people with substance use disorder (SUD) lose sight of what is meaningful to them. Instead, they can focus on all that is wrong. Thankfully, substance addiction treatment and recovery shift that focus. Recovery is about learning to find what is good in life.

Kickstart Recovery

Recovery is a permanent learning process. Your commitment to change includes following through on your promises to yourself and others. Your approach can also involve finding healthy ways to weather any storm you face. Whether you have a crisis of faith or a significant life change, recovery and your alumni group can carry you through. 

Yet, taking the steps required to maintain your sobriety is, at times, challenging. Because you will face life’s ups and downs, stability in recovery is vital. People can find strength and support when they attend 12-Step meetings. At the same time, others may use technology, such as an app focused on substance addiction recovery, to help them throughout their day. Regardless of how you find comfort, remember that recovery is an everyday process.

Create a Wellness Plan

A vital part of creating a realistic wellness plan is being honest with yourself. What are your core values, strengths, or weaknesses? Then, build on these to realize your goals. A practical approach to creating a wellness plan is to reflect on your present. You made it through active treatment. Now, with the help of your support system, you can find what feels suitable for you in recovery.

Before entering a substance addiction treatment program, you lived with broken relationships, shame, guilt, or embarrassment – but that’s not your life anymore. Instead, your life is one of hope, support, and strength. Use those positive aspects to build a solid foundation for your recovery wellness plan. 

One way to discover what is important to you is to use a substance addition treatment center’s comprehensive recovery app. A complete app will include social, spirit-lifting, and practical ways to track your recovery. The app should also have a section that can guide you through a process to determine your priorities. 

Not Alone

While in substance addiction treatment, you had people who supported and encouraged your journey. Once you go back to your previous environment, finding that kind of support is a challenge. Some will attend family therapy sessions, listen to you, or seek education about addiction. Find strength with those who remain in your life. 

Friends and colleagues who want to be a part of your life are reminders that you’re not alone. The people who are there for you are also the ones who love you. Find comfort and strength in these connections. To boost that strength, become involved in a sober community. Oftentimes, attending alumni or group meetings can reinforce your foundation. 


You are the main character in your life. Remember this and repeat it to yourself. If you have the urge to take a backseat or a supporting role, don’t. Instead, take a moment to think about the main character in a book, movie, or show. Are they always perfect? No, they’re not. They get lost and make mistakes, but they never give up. Instead, they use their strengths and the support of others to remain the main character in the story. 

Core values are the theme that propels your story. How? When you remain aligned with what you believe in, and it helps you feel connected to others, you shine. 

Your Passion

Finding your passion is crucial in recovery. Maybe you’re not sure what makes you tick, and that’s okay. A great thing about being sober is you have the chance to explore possibilities. The activities you connected with in treatment are viable in your recovery. There’s more, though. Do a mental inventory, join groups with like-minded people, and recognize what makes you feel empowered.

A bonus to finding your passion is also seeing a community. Your interests and core values are integral to your well-being and the health of those around you. A word of caution: don’t worry if you can’t change the world. Instead, focus on changing your world. Do small things, be the change, and improve the lives of those who need what you offer. Small steps lead to great things.

Look Within

Looking within yourself to find your passion can also become something more profound. What drives you and your love is based on your faith. Your strength is your faith in yourself, others, and a higher power. 

Your faith is personal. Find comfort in teachings, connections, and what keeps you centered. Without these foundations of faith, you can drift or lose your light. Every author, main character, or leader has confidence in themselves and a higher power. Discover your foundation.

Kickstarting your recovery is a step-by-step process. The foundation of recovery is to know yourself and use your strengths to build up your self-confidence. A belief in yourself guides those who share similar views. Sober communities help you find what keeps you engaged in your recovery. The same communities can aid you in building meaningful connections. These connections are where passions or core values come from. You develop your core values, put yourself first, and find faith in yourself. Because you took the first step by entering a substance addiction treatment program, Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers is here to guide you to realize your potential. We believe your recovery is as important as treatment. Our alumni group, therapists, and app can help you stay connected. Find the kickstart and support you need at Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers. Call us today at (801) 308-8898.