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Intervention Services

One of the leading symptoms of addiction is denial. Oftentimes, people in addiction don’t believe they are addicted. They believe that they are still in control even when their life circumstances indicate otherwise. Because of this, interventions are sometimes necessary. An intervention is when the people closest to the addict get together to discuss the drug problems and to offer support and possible solutions. An intervention can provide the format for someone suffering from addiction to see the impact their actions have had on those they love.

In order for the intervention to have the greatest positive impact, it’s important that the people involved think things out beforehand and remain calm during the intervention. It can be helpful for them to meet before the intervention to plan out how best to approach the issues and what solutions and support each person can offer.

It is usually best to research treatment options before the intervention so the discussion can focus on what can be done to help solve the addiction. If the person agrees to enter drug rehab, their family and friends should be ready to help them pack a bag and leave as soon as possible to get started on the road to recovery without delay.

Intervention Mediator

It can often be helpful to invite a mediator to the invention. At Renaissance Ranch, we provide full interventions for clients and their families. This includes counseling the families on the process of intervention. Our interventionists are licensed and provide years of experience in the substance abuse field. Having a counselor present can help direct the discussion and keep the group focused, calm, and productive. We provide appropriate and respectful guidance and direction for both the client and their loved ones.

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