Getting to Know Christ

Aug 14, 2014

Getting to Know Christ

A conference address from 1980 entitled “Willing to Receive” by Elder Marion D. Hanks provides some great insights into how we can get to know the Savior, and include His Atonement in our daily lives. The 12-step program asks us to call upon and rely on a Higher Power as a means of healing, but this can be a difficult thing to do if we don’t have a Higher Power that we’re familiar with. This talk by Elder Hanks tells us how we can come to know Christ, and develop trust in Him.


Demonstrating Willingness


Steps 3, 6, 8 and 11 of the 12-step program all have to do with allowing God to change our hearts and minds. This requires a willingness to submit to his will, which can be a hard concept to wrap your mind around. Elder Hanks states that we can only develop a willingness to submit to the will of God by coming to know Him, which is done through faithful service, and through seeking Him out.


Elder Hanks said, “We know and choose him and enjoy his blessings through serving him, through qualifying for his friendship, and by keeping him always in our hearts and minds. In our afflictions and gropings and forebodings we turn to Him for comfort and support. He is always accessible to those who seek Him.”


We can seek out our Father in Heaven, and His son, Jesus Christ in the faces and homes of those we serve. We will come to know and recognize Him as we work alongside Him for the betterment of others. This is why service to others is built right into the 12-step program, because it draws us closer to Christ. This service to others shows our willingness to be led by the Lord.


Seek Him Out


Christ has promised us that if we seek Him out, we’re guaranteed to find Him. If you begin this process through simple scripture study and prayer, you will be answered by that spirit which testifies of Him. His continual comforting and strengthening are what allow you to know Him, and to understand His plan for you. Each time you’re faced with a choice, seek out the Lord, and ask Him what He would have you do. You’ll draw closer to Him as you choose the better part.


Elder Hanks said, “We have two great challenges, you and I, and the challenge never ends as long as breath lasts: to choose him and to love each other.” As we follow these two simple tips for following the Savior, we can feel our relationship with Him grow, and His guidance will lead us along our path to recovery.


Lee Williams, CSW, SUDC, is licensed as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor and a Certified Social Worker. Lee has actively worked in a 12-step approach to the treatment of substance abuse disorder for over a decade. In addition to his love for working in the field of addiction, Lee’s greatest joys are in his experiences as a husband and father.

Getting to Know Christ