God and Action in Recovery

Jan 29, 2016

God and Action: Part 1

I recently watched a clip that talked about our dependence on God to keep us sober. The speaker had mentioned that he frequently hears in meetings people say, “I am going to just get out of the drivers’ seat and let God drive from now on.” His response to this was, “If you do that, you will have a bloody wreck!”

I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Through my journey in sobriety, I have experienced changes I never thought possible. I have worked my way up and been promoted in jobs, I have gotten married, had kids, the whole kit and caboodle. Did God do that for me? Yes… And no. God did not show up to work on time for me. God did not pick me up in the morning and drive me to work. God has yet to pay my rent or car payment. God hasn’t brought flowers for my wife and didn’t bring any presents to the baby shower.

On the other hand, God has done all of those things I mentioned above. God gave me the strength to wake up in the morning and the motivation to get to work on time. God gave me the strength to hold a job so I could earn pay checks to pay my rent and car payments. God gave me power to work steps to rebuild relationships with the people that brought gifts to our baby shower and wedding. God reminds me to pick up flowers for my wife…sometimes. Without Gods strength, I am left to my own devices and end up in treatment centers, jails and homeless.

God and Action: Part 2

Does this mean I take credit for everything I have done? Absolutely not! I lived a life in constant fear, self-pity, selfishness and ego. I stole from my family and friends, I got fired from multiple jobs, lost a career, lived in my car, etc. I was too selfish to see how my actions affected others. I was taking dangerous amounts and combining cocktails of drugs and alcohol that should’ve killed me. I attempted to kill myself twice. That was the best I could do with my life! It was God who allowed me to live and gave me the gift of desperation. He humbled me to be willing to follow someone else’s plan besides my own and gave me the power to do the action lined out in the program. As a result of doing consistent action, God also removed from me the obsession to drink and use drugs. I am sure if I turned my back on God and took credit for everything I have and followed my plan, I would be back on the streets or living in my car with a needle in my arm.

God has given me a life of abundance. My sponsor always tells me, “God will provide you with what you need” and I believe that and have witnessed that in my life. God does not always give us what we want, but also does not always give us what HE wants. I’m sure God wanted me to stop hurting myself and get clean. He saw fit that I go through some pain and humility. He gave me what I needed at the time. Today, I believe my will is aligned with His and I have what I need and also what I want, and these are things, I believe, that God wants for me.