Renaissance Ranch

Healing Through Hope

Feb 15, 2021

The Meaning of Hope

Hope is a concept of great importance. Much like faith, hope is a principle of action, having two different but equally vital parts. Let’s first present the general definition of the principle, then identify its constituents. 

Hope: a desire accompanied by expectation of fulfillment or success. 

As you can see, hope begins with a desire. This desire needs to permeate our being in such a way as to inspire something from us. Hope is not just an empty, unattainable want— far from it. But at the core of this principle is a strong, almost burning desire to attain something. In the context of drug addiction, this desire could be for a sober future or a mended family relationship. 

After our initial desire, hope requires a belief that what we want can be attained— that our desire isn’t an impossibility. Taking it a step further, we must believe that we possess the capacity to go out and get what we desire, to lead ourselves to success. Though we all need help, we must understand that within ourselves is a power to overcome, to endure and to succeed. In the context of addiction, this could mean believing that our unhealthy behaviors and proclivities can be controlled. 

When these two constituent parts of hope are combined, we are provided with an added measure of strength to help us through difficulty and to reach new heights.

What Do We Hope For?

There are many things we can hope to gain. Material things such as cars, homes, and wealth often top the list. However, some of the most meaningful things in our lives are completely intangible— the love we have for family and friends, the health and safety of ourselves and others and even the favor of our creator. These things take on added significance when we consider what truly matters in our lives.

As a drug rehabilitation facility focused on Christ-centered healing, we work to inspire hope in three key areas:

Self-mastery. No matter what the circumstances, addiction recovery and lasting-sobriety are possible. We have within us the power to improve each day. When we stumble, that power doesn’t disappear— it is always there and can grow over time.

Improving or repairing family relationships. Even if significant damage has been done, time and effort can work to heal even the deepest of wounds. Striving to reintroduce love, joy and understanding into family relationships can go a long way.

The healing power of Christ. Our addiction recovery principles are Christ-centered and based on a 12-step process. When we have done all we can do but continue to fall short, we need to understand that God will help us. Once this hope is found within us, the journey ahead appears much more manageable.

How Can Hope Guides Us?

Once we have hope in our hearts, the road to success is clarified. When we know what we want can be achieved, we gain the confidence to pursue it with diligence and intent. Hope is the antithesis of discouragement, allowing us to continue forward despite the obstacles in our path.

At Renaissance Ranch, we understand that hope is required of both the addicted individual and their loved ones. The process of recovery can be difficult and all involved parties need to find the power of hope in the process. Once that hope is found, miracles can happen. Our expertly trained staff is experienced in helping to promote an environment of hope, instilling principles of action into those we treat. If you would like to learn more about our drug rehab facility or recovery methods, contact us today. At Renaissance Ranch, you can find hope.