Hiking and Addiction Recovery

Since we are located in the heart of one of the outdoor capitals of the world, we take full advantage of the beauty and adventure that the local landscapes have to offer. We believe that a healthy, active lifestyle can only strengthen your recovery, and hiking is one of those activities you can incorporate into your healthy and active lifestyle. Here is a look at just some of the ways that hiking can strengthen your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Experience a “Natural High.”

Even after just 30 minutes of walking, you can experience the pleasant effects of your body releasing an increased number of endorphins. This is because, after 30 minutes of exercise, your muscles run out of stored oxygen and thus turn to anaerobic respiration. This builds up lactic acid, which in turn signals the brain to release endorphins. These endorphins will reduce pain, relieve stress, and create natural sensations of pleasure and euphoria—no substances needed.

Stave off Cravings.

One primary trait of a successful recovery is being able to manage cravings. Many studies report that walking for even just 15 minutes can help you reduce cravings for addictive substances such as caffeine and nicotine. Hiking grants you the opportunity to stave off cravings through walking, plus the surrounding nature can take your mind off of your cravings even more.

Connect with Others.

Hiking is a great way to connect socially with others. Through hiking, you can improve team-building skills and foster therapeutic alliance. If you’re looking for ways to stay connected with members of your support system, hiking is one of those great ways.

Be Inspired by Nature.

In a world and culture that is saturated by technology, hiking offers an escape and allows you to reconnect with nature. Through spending time communing with nature, you can focus on what is truly most important in life. In addition, the breathtaking landscapes that hiking so often offers can inspire you in your own recovery.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle.

As these many benefits of hiking show, hiking is one of those activities that can truly promote an all-around healthy and active lifestyle. It can help you strengthen your body at a time when it is recovering from the harmful effects of substance abuse. You’ll likely find that the more often you hike, the more committed you’ll feel toward your recovery and your sobriety. Taking up hiking can motivate you to eat better, think more positively, exercise more, and—yes—avoid addictive substances as well.