How Does Spiritual Healing Offer Support?

Feb 26, 2022

Often, we face problems we feel ill-equipped to manage on our own. The struggle of addiction to alcohol or other substances can be one of these problems. The struggle of addiction may be your most significant difficulty at this moment in your life. Understanding we are not alone in this world is key to overcoming addiction. Our belief in other forces at work might help us begin the battle of recovery and open us up to the possibility of recovery.

Turning to our spirituality and recognizing there is a Higher Power at work can enable us to have hope. Hope can help us overcome the power addiction has over our lives. Hope is synonymous with expectation, and expecting more extraordinary things is key to our recovery.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a belief in something or someone more significant than ourselves. Believing in this Higher Power gives us hope and a promise for a better future. Understanding we cannot challenge addiction on our own brings us closer to recovery. Spirituality is not wishful thinking and takes a willingness to believe in forces greater than us, as well as our ability to change. Believing in the power of something greater than ourselves is key to the recovery of many people.

12-Step Programs and Spirituality

Most 12-Step programs involve the belief in a Higher Power. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) include the confidence and trust in a Higher Power within Step Two. Step Two explains: “We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Within Step Three, AA and NA declare this Higher Power to be God as individuals understand Him. 

As everyone understands Him, God promises our successful recovery and hope for our future, as explained in verse Jeremiah 29:11, found in the Bible. Individuals working 12-Step programs believe in a Higher Power and trust this entity to help them in their recovery, whether from alcohol or other substances and behaviors.

Persons who successfully use the Twelve Steps frequently explain how working the steps is critical, but the belief in a Higher Power is what ultimately saved their lives. 

Spirituality and Our Emotions

Our Higher Power created our emotions and our ability to tolerate those emotions. Our struggle with addiction to alcohol or other substances often results from the mismanagement of our feelings. This mismanagement is not a failure of character or a result of inferiority as a person but results from our environments teaching us the wrong coping skills. Also, when we turned to alcohol or other substances, it was a survival technique. We have survived this long in our lives because we were coping as best we knew how. 

Each of us has survived in a world that is harsh and uninviting. Our turning to alcohol or other substances is a means of coping, but there are other methods. Spirituality is just one method of learning how to manage our emotions and cope in healthy ways. 

Understanding hope is a critical component to overcoming addictive behaviors. Hope is the belief in options and a future without the shame of addictive behaviors. Guilt does not come from our Higher Power. Trusting in our spirituality, believing in hope, and pursuing our Higher Power allows us to overcome the emotions that bind us to addiction. 

Turning Yourself Over to Spirituality as a Means of Healing 

The third step of most 12-Step programs is turning over your will to your Higher Power. In the book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions by AA, the authors explain how turning over your will to your Higher Power is much like “opening a locked door.” We recognize our lack of self-sufficiency and move into a trusting relationship with our Higher Power. This trust enables us to overcome our addictions to alcohol or other substances and behaviors. 

Recognizing we are powerless over our emotions and behaviors without help requires a willingness and openness of our spirit. Spirituality, as you understand this gift, can save you from the struggle of addiction. Your Higher Power does not provide you with shame or fear. Instead, a Higher Power provides hope, expectation, and provision for all your needs as you overcome addictive behaviors. 

With the help of professionals, your sponsor, friends, and family, you can experience an empowering recovery. Opening yourself to the idea of spirituality in your recovery can help you succeed in more ways. While spirituality is different for each person, considering the concept of a Higher Power and believing in hope for your future can help sustain you in the dark nights of your recovery process. 

Recognizing the extraordinary nature of a Higher Power can seem like wishful thinking; however, the belief in a Higher Power and an acceptance of spirituality is how many people overcome their addictions to alcohol or other substances. If you or someone you know is struggling with addictive behaviors, you are not alone. Not only is there hope for your future, but you can expect better things. At Renaissance Ranch, spirituality is a part of who we are. We offer a clinically driven and gospel-centered approach to treatment. We believe not only in your capacity for change but in a power greater than ourselves to help you. You do not have to be a spiritual person to ask for help. We offer services to all who are willing to change. Believe in a brighter future. Your future is waiting. Contact Renaissance Ranch today by calling (801) 308-8898 and learn how we can help you overcome addiction.