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How Recovery Coaching Sets You up for Success

Jun 12, 2023

Choosing to stop using drugs and alcohol and surrendering to addiction treatment can be a life-changing decision. This requires an individual to have a courageous mindset with a strong dedication to achieving their goals. It can be an intense challenge to follow through with this kind of transition. Avoiding certain triggers and cravings can come with a whirlwind of emotions in early recovery. A person must use the skills learned in therapy to deal with the indecisive thoughts that come to the surface, as early recovery is the most vulnerable time for an individual with substance use disorder (SUD). Recovery coaching can help provide support during this time.

Reaching out for additional professional help can ensure a safe path in early recovery. Renaissance Ranch utilizes recovery coaching in its continuing care outpatient program for men. This is done to ensure our clients are on the path to success by safely sustaining recovery and preventing a potential relapse.

What Is the Purpose of Recovery Coaching?

As stated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), recovery coaches provide an excellent form of peer support. A recovery coach can help men facing problems with SUD increase their self-worth and confidence. Peer support can help one walk through the challenges that come with early recovery. A recovery coach can give non-clinical assistance to support long-term sobriety by providing light training and supervision. This is done directly after treatment.

What to Expect From a Recovery Coach?

According to the aforementioned SAMSHA study, a recovery coach’s main goal is to help develop an individual’s recovery plan and create an individualized path to recovery. A recovery specialist may provide different forms of support to assist an individual with SUD in maintaining long-term recovery. Different types of support may include: 

  1. Emotional support – Provide care and empathy
  2. Informational support – Provide resources and professional connections
  3. Instrumental support – Provide employment and housing opportunities
  4. Affiliation support – Provide guidance in finding sober activities, events, and community support
  5. Spiritual support – Provide a faith-based approach for additional support

Benefits From Recovery Coaching

According to Alcohol Research: Current Reviews, recovery coaching can serve as an alternative to professional treatment by building on an individual’s strengths, goals, and additional needs. Hiring a recovery coach can come with many different benefits for individuals in recovery from SUD. Some recovery coaches are typically in recovery themselves, which can be beneficial to clients as they can gain proper guidance from someone who has true experience. A trained recovery coach may help one succeed as the services given are proven effective. This approach can increase motivation toward changing problematic behaviors. 

Recovery coaching is mostly peer-driven. Therefore, such individuals are also called peer recovery specialists. A recovery coach can help one learn new problem-solving abilities to safely stay sober. Working with a recovery coach can significantly increase the probability of accomplishing a stable reunification for friends and families. A recovery coach can help one feel more involved in the community, improve relationships with social connections, increase treatment retention, and successfully reduce relapse rates. 

Moving Forward With a Recovery Coach

Early recovery can be a very sensitive time for individuals, as one may be more prone to relapse. Spending time researching a center that provides recovery coaching can be a long process but well worth every ounce of energy. A recovery coach can provide an individual with much-needed guidance and support. If an individual reaches out to friends and family, they may be able to give direction in finding a supportive recovery coach. 

Renaissance Ranch can effectively improve one’s future. We not only provide treatment for those with SUD but plan to set clients up for success once they leave their program to provide continuing care. An individual recovery coach is personally assigned to each client to bring specialized attention for a better experience.

Taking off After Recovery Coaching

It is crucial for an individual in early recovery from SUD to successfully take the skills learned in treatment and actively use them when needed. Using the strategies taught by a recovery coach can help one ward off cravings and effectively respond to certain triggers. Taking advantage of the five different forms of support provided by a recovery coach can bring new opportunities in one’s life for a positive future. 

Once it is time for an individual to part ways with their recovery coach, this can also be a vulnerable time. Remembering everything taught and putting helpful advice into action is a big part of moving forward. Staying dedicated to a sober lifestyle can be less challenging with community support. Participating in sober activities and special events suggested by a recovery coach can be an enjoyable outlet for some. Checking out the resources given by a recovery coach in recovery can set an individual on an independent path forward. Using the power of prayer can also help individuals with SUD find the strength needed to continue long-term sobriety altogether!

Maintaining abstinence can be difficult. Some people need extra support in early recovery and that is perfectly okay. Here at Renaissance Ranch, we believe in providing the best quality care to all those who participate in our programs. We have effectively helped men recover from addiction for more than 20 years. We designate one recovery coach for every client to prevent relapse and ensure sustained recovery. Our facility understands that individual recovery coaches play a key role in helping clients reach full rehabilitation through proper guidance and specialized attention. If you or a loved one have completed treatment and are in need of additional support, Renaissance Ranch is here to help. Call Renaissance Ranch at (801) 308-8898.