How Sober Companions Enhance the Recovery Process

Aug 12, 2023

Tackling the tasks of starting your recovery journey and sobriety alone could be a daunting thought. We know that sober companions have the potential to help you throughout your recovery process. While in treatment, we can offer a sober companion to lessen the stress of the recovery process.

How Sober Companions Can Help You in Recovery

A sober companion is essentially someone who is also in recovery from addiction or substance use disorder (SUD) and can help support you on your journey inside and outside of treatment. We know how scary it can feel to start your recovery journey. Here at Renaissance Ranch, we want to help lessen that fear for you. We can do so by providing sober companions to our clients. 

Making any big life-changing decisions could feel incredibly lonely without a strong support system. We know many people who struggle with addiction can also have a difficult time with relationships. In choosing recovery, you are deciding to better your life with sobriety and we want to ensure you are supported as best as possible. This helps to create a positive outcome from your treatment experience, which can include us providing you with another person who’s also in recovery. 

Having someone to help you through the process of treatment can have a valuable impact on your journey with us. We hope to see you grow and work on the relationships with the people already in your life while also growing close to your sober companions. Sober companions can help keep you on track in recovery. 

We certainly utilize our treatment approach in a way that will create positive outcomes, but relapse can still happen. Relapsing does not indicate that your hard work in treatment was a waste or that you are back to the beginning of your journey. We believe sober companions can be a tool to help prevent those relapses and, if a relapse does occur, you have people who will support you in getting back on track.

Statistics show that of the millions of individuals who need treatment, far fewer actually receive the life-saving help they need. Choosing to get help is a brave act, and sober companions throughout the process of recovery could help keep you accountable. We know no one recovers until he is ready; with that in mind, we hope having others to relate to will help encourage you if there are bad days and you feel like you want to give up.

What to Expect During Treatment

Receiving treatment at Renaissance Ranch includes many different types of therapy. This is included in our 7-phase process. While you are in treatment, you can expect to learn the 12-Step program and the therapeutic community model. You and your sober companions can help encourage each other throughout the treatment process. We know every individual’s experience with addiction or SUD can be different, but we want to bring you together with sober companions so you can see you are not alone in your recovery.

Throughout your treatment, you will find that other individuals can relate to you and vice versa. This can create a strong bond between the men that you will meet and interact with. We hope sober companions will help you stay motivated and honest in your recovery. Having a companion to lean on when you’re struggling can be very beneficial. 

Our goal in using sober companions throughout your treatment experience is to create a positive community together. We also hope this will remain of importance to you after treatment. Renaissance Ranch has the Band of Brothers for our clients that want to continue to stay involved with sober companions after being discharged.

Sober Companions After Treatment

The idea of being discharged back into the world could seem scary after you have been in treatment. We hope to successfully ease you back into life outside of treatment. For some, it can still feel nerve-wracking to make the adjustment. Having sober companions to lean on while you are adjusting to life outside of the treatment center could help you to feel more supported. Any transition has the potential to be overwhelming. We believe having sober companions can help lessen that overwhelming feeling.

Getting sober is commemorable. We know how hard the process can be, and we want to make sure your experience with us is as smooth as possible. We can support you as best as we can, and that means offering sober companions. This leads you to the Band of Brothers. 

The Band of Brothers is a tight-knit group of men who are in recovery and utilize the brotherhood for ongoing support. This support system can help you stay positive and remain sober. Activities you can expect to be included in can range from meetings to outdoor gatherings. We also offer an app to help you stay connected because we believe your sober companions can help with life-long recovery.

Going through recovery alone can seem daunting. With that in mind, we want to provide sober companions to you. Sober companions can help keep you accountable and inspire you to continue your recovery, even if there are hard days. Having a support system while receiving treatment for your addiction or substance use disorder is going to be helpful. We know that sober companions can be part of that support system for you. This allows for positive interactions with men who understand what you’re going through. Treatment can be a lengthy process, and having individuals that are going through the same process can be beneficial to you. Call (801) 308-8898 for more information on sober companions and how we can help.