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How to Find Your Center in Recovery

May 25, 2022

The idea of finding your center relates to discovering what brings you joy — the joy of being creative, exploring your potential, and letting go of what holds you back. Forget what you think creativity looks like and start looking within yourself. Learn to recognize your originality.

Creativity Defined

Being an artist, writer, or musician isn’t the only form of invention. Innovation occurs everywhere. In activities like math, gardening, or walking, everyone has an artist within them. 

Look around yourself and watch how people cope with obstacles uniquely. Sometimes creativity shines through when you realize you don’t have a specific ingredient for baking or cooking. Other times, you are stuck trying to figure out a solution to an issue. Substituting blueberries for strawberries or stepping stones instead of gravel shows you pivoted from an obstacle in your path and found a solution.

Finding Joy With Creativity

Finding your joy can take a while if you’re unsure what you like to do. Perhaps you do not think you have the ability to be inspirational like some artists. Your center or creativity doesn’t have to be something that is read, heard, or viewed by the masses. 

Think of the small things you do around your house or with friends. Those are acts of discovering your center. Pick something you’re good at and explore the possibilities. For example, if you like to ride your bike, try adding something new to your ride at least once a week. If your favorite place to ride is in a park or around the neighborhood, take a different path or ride to a place where you can examine parks or new buildings. 

Get out of your routine and push yourself beyond your boundaries. Breaking the norm and delving into unique aspects of your likes or personality is what drives innovation. If you’re a good listener, be the best listener you can be and practice your listening skills. You could even find new ways to clean if that makes you happy. Find what relaxes you and centers your focus on your joy.

Discovering Your Creativity

Step back and look at what helps you express yourself. Don’t feel frustrated if you can’t immediately identify your creative outlet. Many people discover what makes them shine through trial and error. Finding your source of creativity may take time because you’re honing it as you make decisions or take it for granted. Ask yourself if you’re good at something. Your something is potentially your creative talent. 

Don’t become discouraged by setbacks as you try to find what brings you joy and reconnect with your center. Errors or failures are learning experiences. Use your support system to discuss and think of new approaches to an issue. 

Your substance addiction treatment center’s alumni group is an excellent source of support. For example, a men’s only alumni group can give you the confidence to speak about your difficulties or negative feelings. The friendship found in men who share similar experiences is a positive outlet for unproductive thoughts.

Find Your Center

Creative outlets are healthy ways of coping with harmful emotions. When you’re engaged in an activity you enjoy, your feelings of stress or anxiety can decrease because you’re not focusing on the source of upset. When participating in an enjoyable hobby, you allow your mind to focus and let go of outside influences. 

During these times, your mind can also process and find a solution to a problem. In some cases, your mind can help you invent new pathways or gadgets. Your source of creativity stems from what you allow yourself to become. Leave thoughts of negativity or self-doubt behind as you explore your present.

You can ask yourself a few questions in your quest to find your center. These questions can guide you to what fulfills your desire to be innovative or find freedom. 

What Is Meaningful? 

Assess how you feel about people, topics, or environments. The things that align with your values are the things that are meaningful to you.

Where or What Am I Drawn To? 

Maybe you find joy in baking or volunteering. When you want to find your focus or decompress, the activity that you keep coming back to is where you’re the most creative.

What Do I Dream About? 

When your mind wanders, pay attention. Your daydreams hint at what you find joy in or may just be curiosities. Delve into those dreams.

You as Art

Everyone is a piece of art. You were born with creativity. Instead of limiting yourself by what others say you are or what you think, you are thinking of yourself as a beautiful piece of art. Your skills, personality, or willingness to think out of the box are pieces of you. Nurture those parts that bring you happiness. Work on the features you feel are weaknesses. Be kind to yourself. When you’re kind to yourself, you will find your center.

Creative activities like yoga, baking, and more can be integral pieces of your recovery. Your strengths, innovation, and freedom to love yourself are crucial in becoming a masterpiece of art. Because you are art, you are creating. The beauty of life exists in your center. Inner peace and focus on core values and meaningful activities create the environment necessary for you to maintain your sobriety. Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers guides you during your substance addiction treatment to find what brings you joy. We help you see what makes you unique. Our belief in a 12-Step process and the positive effect of faith-based care is the foundation of our men’s programs. The bonds of brotherhood formed in treatment and our alumni group, Band of Brothers, can carry and support you as you search for your creative outlet. For support in your recovery journey, call us today at (801) 308-8898.