How to Use Technology to Support Sobriety

Feb 8, 2023

Technology allows us to discover things almost instantly. You can Google and have pages of answers and related content for anything you want to know. Of course, there are benefits and disadvantages to this level of convenience and accessibility. But, when it comes to maintaining sobriety, technology can work in your favor.

Let’s talk about the many advantages of our very technologically advanced society. We have become very dependent on technology for even the most minor everyday tasks. For example, ordering your groceries or a meal online is easier than ever. 

Connecting with others near and far is now possible as a result of technology and social media platforms. Want to keep in touch with old high school friends or distant family members? Simply add them on Facebook or Instagram, and you won’t skip a beat. 

Technology also provides instant access to news and media sources, so we stay aware of all that is going on in our society. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the topic. 

The point is that technology sits at the center of almost everything we do. It allows us to communicate, learn, access resources, and so much more. 

Technology and Sobriety

Now that we have discussed a little bit about technology and how it impacts our lives, let’s touch on the ways technology can help support sobriety. When you are striving to stay sober, getting access to help, support, and resources is critical. Even the slightest delay or barrier to seeking help can often result in relapse. This is where the convenience and accessibility that technology provides come in handy. 

Seeking Treatment

Seeking help from a treatment provider for your addiction to drugs or alcohol has never been easier. But can you imagine having to flip through a phone book to find the contact information for a business that might be able to help? Today, you can google treatment facilities in your area, and results will flood your screen. 

You can find information about different facilities and gather information from various sites to determine which programs might be the best fit. Using technology to help you make decisions about treatment can leave you feeling more informed and confident. 

Finding Support or Sponsorship

Perhaps you have already been through treatment, and you are looking for some ongoing support. Or, maybe you are considering treatment, but you aren’t quite sure if you need it just yet. You might be working to avoid substances and want to join meetings to help you stay motivated. Maybe you want to learn more about addiction and recovery and need some informational resources. Using technology to find meetings and other resources is quick and effective. 

If you are someone who has completed treatment, you may be looking for a sponsor or someone to provide some accountability. A good support system is critical to success. Searching through an app designed to connect you with sponsors and a supportive community is easier than ever. 

Digital 12-Step Resources

The 12-Step process is likely something you are familiar with or at least have heard of if you are working to overcome addiction. Having access to 12-Step materials and resources at your fingertips can be a huge advantage. 

You may want more information about a particular step or may need to be reminded of where you are in the process from time to time. Having this information readily available can help you stay on the right path. 


Another thing that technology can offer to those in recovery or seeking sobriety is a sense of community. As mentioned, having proper support throughout your journey to recovery is essential. Addiction can leave you feeling very isolated and alone sometimes. Having a community of supporters around you can help you cope and keep you motivated. 

Connecting regularly with others who share similar goals and experiences can also create bonds and accountability that can last a lifetime. Staying connected and involved through support groups and alumni programs after treatment can really make a difference in long-term success. Technology makes this possible by keeping you aware of activities and events and offering easy access to communicate, meet up, and connect with others in your support circle. 

Whether you are someone who claims to be tech-savvy or a little more old-school, technology really can enhance your ability to stay sober and get the support you need when you need it. Resources, information, and support are readily available anywhere and anytime. When you are striving to avoid substance use and overcome addiction, every minute truly counts. Whether you are trying to combat cravings or have decided to seek treatment, technology can be your ticket to getting help and information quickly. 

Staying sober isn’t always easy if you are working to recover from addiction. There will always be temptation and adversity, no matter how far along you are in your recovery journey. Whether you are in denial of your addiction and trying to cope on your own or are years into recovery, technology can provide quick information and resources to help support you. At Renaissance Ranch, we offer a variety of online resources to help clients succeed during and after treatment. We have developed an app that makes finding meetings, sponsors, and connecting with others simple and accessible. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.