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How Treatment Can Ease Isolation

Feb 26, 2023

Substance abuse often brings about a long list of hardships and social struggles. Addiction can be very isolating, as substances often take priority over friendships, relationships, and socializing. You are likely to push away the people who care for you most during this time. This might be out of shame or guilt, or it may be that they are unaware of your substance abuse and you are aiming to keep it private. 

Addiction will often cause you to lose interest in the things you used to enjoy. This could include activities in the community, spending time with friends, or making plans with family on the weekends. If you do spend time with others, it is likely that they too are struggling with similar habits, thus the time spent together is not very emotionally fulfilling. 

It can be difficult for those who care about you to understand what you are going through. Addiction can be a difficult concept to comprehend if you have not experienced it firsthand. As a result, your relationships may become strained or broken. The absence of relationships and meaningful friendships can be very lonely. The feeling that no one understands your situation can too. 

By entering treatment, you will break down the walls of isolation that addiction had built between you and the ones you care about. You will learn to better communicate and better understand yourself, which in turn will help you rebuild and form new relationships in recovery. 


Treatment provides a sense of community when the outside world may feel isolating and unsupportive. By engaging in program activities, you can restore a feeling of purpose and begin to form relationships and bonds with others who can relate to what you are going through. 

Through group therapy and sessions, you have the opportunity to hear others’ stories and how they have overcome obstacles that are likely similar to the ones you are facing. This common ground can help provide comfort and confidence in your ability to face challenges and work through barriers to your own recovery. 


Accountability is essential when it comes to success in treatment and recovery. In fact, accountability is critical to success in life in general. When you set goals for yourself, it can be easy to get off track or distracted. Having others there to support you and keep you focused on your goals can be very helpful. 

Treatment offers accountability through men’s groups, therapy, and brotherhood that is sure to help you stay on track and motivated throughout treatment and recovery. We all fall short sometimes and need help. Having people there to lift you up when you need it most is a very comforting and reassuring feeling. 

Bonds Beyond Treatment

The bonds formed during treatment can often last a lifetime. Finding others who can relate and understand what you have been through and share similar goals in life isn’t always easy. Treatment offers a safe space for men to come and receive the treatment they need while also building bonds with others in the same situation. These bonds formed can serve you well during and after treatment. 

Once you complete treatment and begin your new life in recovery, staying involved and engaged in your program as an alumnus is a great idea. You are bound to encounter obstacles and face temptation in recovery. Staying connected through activities hosted by Band of Brothers can help you remain connected and even offer opportunities to support others who are going through the treatment process. 

Men’s Groups

Attending a treatment facility that is gender specific has many benefits. The programs and activities can be catered to the needs of men specifically, which allows for a more thorough and relevant healing and transformative experience. 

This also helps reduce distractions that can often come with coed groups and treatment programs. Addiction can be extremely isolating, so coping with your challenges and working to overcome them in a group setting can be a little daunting at first. Offering a men-only environment can offer a bit more comfort and encouragement for those just entering the program. 

Feeling isolated and alone as a result of substance abuse is not uncommon. In fact, many feel more alone and isolated than ever as they enter treatment. They feel as though they have lost family members and friends, and may even feel as though by choosing treatment they are losing the comfort they found in using substances. 

The great news is that treatment can support you in rebuilding and mending relationships while helping you fill the void that the absence of drugs or alcohol has left. Treatment provides the opportunity to create a fulfilling life with meaningful relationships and activities that you can carry with you throughout recovery. 

Feeling isolated and alone is never enjoyable. When you are striving to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, these feelings are often experienced. You may feel as though no one understands you, or feel like you have shut everyone out as a result of shame and guilt. Treatment can help you restore a sense of community and belonging as you heal and work to overcome addiction. Renaissance Ranch offers treatment for men that involves group therapy and activities to encourage fellowship and accountability. If you or someone you love could benefit from our treatment programs, we would love to hear from you. To get help, call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.