At Renaissance Ranch, we offer an intensive inpatient program that is rooted in physical, mental, and spiritual recovery. Our clinically-based approaches involve using gender-specific environments to build communities that empower each other to beat addiction and thrive in recovery. Above all, we make sure that our program is personalized to adapt to the very individual needs of each of our patients, and their own backgrounds with addiction. Here is a little bit more about what our inpatient program offers…


Professional Staff

First of all, our program lives and dies by the care and expertise of our amazing staff. Renaissance Ranch is made up of employees who give their heart and soul to this place, and devote themselves every day to helping people whose lives have been torn apart by addiction regain control of their lives and get back on track. Our staff is highly trained, and is made up of individuals with years and years of experience in the addiction recovery field.

Spiritual-Based Recovery

Renaissance Ranch has strong roots in spiritual-based recovery. Specifically, we are an LDS drug treatment center, but are welcome to people of all different beliefs. Even if a person is not LDS, we believe that LDS principles can be helpful for a person to find their path to recovery and accomplish a deeper appreciation of sobriety and the love of those around them. At its core, recovery is a process that is physical, mental, and spiritual, in nature. Neglecting any of these elements is doing a disservice to our patients, and we strive to accomplish a balance with all three.


We require that each of our patients undergo detoxification before their receive admission into our inpatient program. We have found that this step is essential to accomplishing lasting results. While we don’t offer detoxifications within our centers, we can direct potential patients to detox centers that we trust and know will do a good job. The detoxification process usually takes between 2 to 5 days, after which we can accept the patient into our inpatient program.

Gender Specific Treatment

In our experiences, we have found that gender-specific environments provide a better environment for addiction recovery. Putting men in an environment with other men, and women in an environment with other women, helps them be more open about addressing their issues with substance abuse head on. For this reason, we offer comprehensive inpatient recovery centers for both men and women and provide alumni programs that stress sisterhood and brotherhood to help promote recovery long after our patients leave our doors.


For more information about our men’s treatment, click here.


For more information about our women’s treatment, click here.