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Learning How to Set Healthy Boundaries in Recovery

Dec 19, 2023

Seeking addiction treatment can seem intimidating. We understand leaving what you know can elevate your anxiety regarding seeking help. We want to assure you that recovery will be worth it. Addiction recovery can require you to make many adjustments and life changes. For example, learning how to set healthy boundaries in recovery is one skill you can practice to help you in your recovery journey. Setting a boundary may sound uncomfortable. However, the benefits can outweigh the temporary discomfort. Healthy boundaries can be beneficial for many reasons and have the potential to protect your sobriety long-term.

Why Learning How to Set Boundaries in Recovery Can Be Vital to Your Sobriety

Learning how to set boundaries can teach you how to protect your sobriety. In treatment, you will be surrounded by like-minded people who have similar goals. This gives you a safe and healing environment to begin your journey on the path to recovery. When you have completed your treatment, returning to your life outside of this environment can be a difficult transition. We want to support you in learning how to set healthy boundaries in recovery to help make your transition back into everyday life not too difficult to navigate.

Without boundaries, you could unintentionally risk your sobriety when you return to life outside of treatment. Committing to treatment is a big step and accepting help is admirable. We want to assist you the best we can and ensure that once you complete treatment, you can set any necessary boundaries needed to successfully protect yourself and your recovery. We understand family members usually do not have ill intentions, however, learning how to set boundaries for any circumstances that could risk your sobriety could be vital. 

Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting boundaries can look different for everyone. The important piece to setting healthy boundaries is ultimately that your needs are being met. In addiction recovery, assuring that your relationships are safe and in line with your sobriety can be crucial. One tip for setting boundaries for family members or friends could include making sure they are aware of your intentions in setting the boundary. This could mean you reinforce the importance of your sobriety. Sharing that you value the relationship and how it supports your recovery could also be important.

Setting boundaries in general may carry the misconception that it is harsh or mean. In reality, you can set boundaries in recovery without coming across as rude. You can ask for what you need, or say what you do not need, gently or kindly. Remaining firm is crucial so the other person is clear on the boundary, but ultimately, the people in your life who care about you will respect your boundaries.   

How We Can Support You in Setting Boundaries in Recovery

Seeking treatment for your addiction at Renaissance Ranch can support you in learning how to set healthy boundaries. We aim to empower the men we treat with our faith-based treatment. Therapy in combination with spirituality can give you the strength to change your life while recovering from addiction. Setting boundaries in recovery is an important part of remaining sober. A tip for learning how to set boundaries in recovery could include a role-play exercise where you practice with your therapist before setting the boundary with family or friends.

Boundaries and Long-Term Recovery

To reiterate, setting boundaries in recovery includes communicating effectively with family or friends. This can mean you may be asking for what you need in the relationship. You may also need to communicate moving forward what can or can not be part of the relationship to ensure your sobriety is not put at risk. Communication is an important factor in setting boundaries. You should practice being as clear as possible to help build towards long-term recovery. 

Long-term addiction recovery is possible. Many different factors can play into long-term recovery. We believe completing treatment with Renaissance Ranch is a commendable step in the process. We want to support you throughout your recovery journey. We can do so by providing The Band of Brothers after treatment completion. This brotherhood could be another strong source of support for you and your long-term recovery. Continued support from like-minded people with similar goals could also be a reminder to keep striving for your life free from addiction by setting boundaries whenever necessary.  

The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs published an article on April 17, 2007, which studied individuals who reported their success in long-term recovery from addiction. This article stated the support of friends and family was an important factor in their long-term recovery. Setting boundaries is a healthy and normal piece to relationships; from this, we can conclude that your opportunity for a long-term recovery from addiction is well within your reach. 

Setting boundaries in recovery can be essential to protecting your sobriety. We can help teach you how to set boundaries clearly and firmly. You may worry setting boundaries is rude or comes across as mean. This is a misconception and the people in your life who love and care about you will respect your boundaries regardless. Boundaries in addiction recovery can be a crucial way to enforce what your needs are from the people in your life. Your recovery needs to be respected. Treatment can teach you how to set any necessary boundaries that support you in your endeavor toward long-term recovery. Please call (801) 308-8898 for additional information today.