Renaissance Ranch

Lifetime Contract

We at Renaissance Ranch believe in the continuing success of our clients, and we know how difficult the lifetime pursuit of sobriety can be. That is why we offer a Lifetime Contract. When a client completes our entire program—60 days of residential treatment, 120 days of intensive outpatient treatment and/PHP, and 6 months of continuing care with the alumni program—they have a Lifetime Contract with us. This means that if you have a substance abuse challenge down the road, are assessed to our level of care, and have a desire to become sober once again, you can go through our entire program again at no additional cost.

Fewer Centers Offer Lifetime Contracts

Very few addiction recovery centers offer a Lifetime Contract, and we are proud to say that we have offered one since we opened our doors over 10 years ago. Other centers might claim to have a lifetime guarantee, but then they will often charge for room, board, or other costs. There is no fine print here with our Lifetime Contract—our Lifetime Contract truly guarantees no additional cost. We stand behind our work, and our Lifetime Contract is a commitment to our clients that is focused solely on their lifetime sobriety.

Our Approach Promise Strong Recovery

It has been our experience that true and lasting recovery includes spiritual healing in addition to physical and psychological healing. That is why our program philosophy combines the traditional 12 Step approach to addiction recovery with gospel principles as they apply to addiction. We believe that this philosophy is central to helping our clients find well-rounded healing and long-term sobriety.

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We are deeply committed to our clients, and our goal is for them to achieve lifelong sobriety. If you are caught in the tangling web of addiction, know that we can help. Call us now, or find us throughout Utah to find out how we can help you find sobriety for a lifetime.