Maintaining Your Thought Life in Recovery

Nov 10, 2021

Thoughts come and go constantly in our minds. Our thoughts can bring up our moods, but they can also destroy us and our ability to live full lives. We are advised to think pure and lovely thoughts. However, this advice is difficult to follow, especially in recovery. When in recovery, we are filled with so much self-doubt and questions as to whether or not the hard work is going to work in our favor. We also question whether recovery is worth it and how we can keep going when the road of recovery is so difficult. God promises good things will come from our storms. We must have faith and focus on His promises.

A Positive Thought Life

A positive thought life consists of many things, but the Bible advises that a good thought life consists of focusing on what is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of a good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy. Focusing on some of these requires special attention to your inner life. Some of these thoughts may require work with your sponsor, a clergy member, and/or a therapist. However, there are six things that you can start focusing on today to bring yourself closer to recovery:

#1. Focus On What Is True

Focusing on what is true is of vital importance. One true thing is that you deserve recovery and God has plans for your life. You are meant to live a full and vibrant life. Any thought that says otherwise is untrue. The truth is you have a purpose, and God does not make mistakes. You can recover – and that is a promise.

#2. Focus On What Is Noble

Thinking about what is noble requires we run from thoughts that would get us in trouble. We should not focus on what the world says is good for us, but what we know is good for us. We run not to answers the world provides, but to the truth and noble responses of our Higher Power. With our Higher Power, we can focus on thoughts that bring us closer to the life God desires for us, a life free from alcohol and/or other substances.

#3. Focus On What Is Just

We cannot live our lives focusing on the unfairness of the world. We may have experienced horrible things and observed how the world is not fair. However, God is just, and if we focus on our Higher Power, we can ensure that our thoughts and behaviors toward others and ourselves can be fair and we can live in balance.

#4. Focus On What Is Lovely

Creation is filled with beautiful things. You are called to focus on the beauty in the world and your life. Focusing on the negative and all that is wrong in the world does not bring you closer to peace and joy, but robs you of the promises God has made for your life. Recovery does not feel pleasant, but focusing on the wonders of the world and your life will allow your recovery to become more positive.

#5. Focus On What Is of Good Report

The world is full of negativity. We are easily swayed and overwhelmed by the bad news of the world – and there is plenty of bad news in the world. We need only turn on the news in the evening or turn on the radio to hear the struggles of the world. However, we are commanded to focus on what is of good report. God asks that we focus on good news and try to embrace the positive in the world. We struggle with negativity in all aspects of our lives, but to maintain our thought life, we must focus on good things. Focusing on good things does not mean we run from the bad, but we offer ourselves balance and more of the good in life.

#6. Focus On What Is Virtuous and Praiseworthy

Our world is full of ways to self-destruct and be overcome by fear and negativity. The key to maintaining sanity in this crazy world is to focus on what is virtuous and praiseworthy. We can build a life when we focus on the virtuous and praiseworthy parts of our lives. Virtuous and praiseworthy thoughts are a way of ensuring we can focus on the positive, lovely, just, noble, and true.

If we can focus our lives on the elements of truth, justice, nobility, what is lovely, and of good news, we are more able to live virtuous and praiseworthy lives. We were created to have full lives with a way to praise our Higher Power and know His will for our life. In knowing His will, we are then able to fully embrace the life He has called us to experience.

The full and positive life we are called to experience requires the maintenance of our thought life. If we are willing to maintain our thought life, then we will be ready to embrace recovery and experience success in our willingness to abstain from alcohol and/or other substances.

Maintaining our thought life may seem impossible. However, with our Higher Power, maintaining our thought life and recovery is possible. At Renaissance Ranch, we believe in the power of maintaining a positive thought life ordered by the gospel. We are a clinically driven and gospel-centered recovery center, focused on helping you maintain recovery at every stage. We offer support starting with detoxification and on through your life after treatment through our Band of Brothers program and sober living home. At Renaissance Ranch, we believe you have the ability to recover and want to help you achieve a positive thought life. If you or someone you know is struggling with abuse of alcohol and/or other substances, there is hope for your future. Reach out to Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898 and discover how you can build the life and thought life you deserve. You can recover. Renaissance Ranch can help.